Music video: Thelma Aoyama & Brian McKnight - Every breath you take

I'mma need somebody to audit Universal music Japan's books and make sure their shit is kosher and that budgets are ledgered. Because last I checked, that label had no money nor the resources to be flying flop chicks to the US to record duets with Brian McKnight. That n***a don't know it yet, but Universal music Japan will charge his ass BACK for Thelma's flight. I hope he still has a few thou left over from those Back at one sales to either pay up or get himself a lawyer to get a judge to revoke dem costs.


  1. How can they let this lil gurl make a song with a man who sings "let me show how your p**** works" I dont know who does the thinking in her team but someone needs to go on and realize this man career is over. lolz


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