Pamyu Pamyu's Halloween wig

Pamyu Pamyu's Halloween wig |

P***y Pamyu has been making Lady Gaga's outfits and wigs look pedestrian all year. But she keeps Cambodian women bald to make her wigs and University of fashion interns failing dissertations whilst they make her dresses - each bigger bolder and more WTF worthy than the last.

Pamyu Pamyu just land-slid Tommy february6'sHalloween effort into a cesspool.

Don't ever attempt to snatch P***y Pamyu's wig unless you are going for that shit with a spray can of Crisco, a cherry picker, white spirit and a tarpaulin. A set of hands and a quick reflex will not be enough.


  1. This is the best Halloween wig ever! hahaha

  2. Replies
    1. You think you could even get your hand within feet of her goddess face before she kicks you in the stomach and security takes your ass away? HAH.

  3. Well, glad that you enjoyed your wig. Its really nice.
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  4. She might have snatched her wig, but Tomoko Kawase will always look hawter :3


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