Perfume perform their dick anthem "Hurly burly". Snatch a wig from a miscellaneous AKB48 member in the process.

Perfume - Hurly burly @ Kayou kayou | Live performance

Perfume appeared on Kayou Kayou with AKB48 and then took to the stage to show talentless tricks how you keep in time, work some waist and whip your hair whilst keeping it looking immaculate once the whipping stops without so much as touching it. Without even factoring the song which shits on the majority of the tripe AKB48 have put out.

The princesses of Hiroshima performed the dick 'n gangbang anthem "Hurly burly". As they've seemed to become taken with doing as of late, they performed a short version of the song, void of the chorus run featuring the beat change. They also wore the Tina Knowles inspired tasselled dresses. I only tolerate these atrocities because:
  1. It's Perfume
  2. Kashiyuka works that one sleeve so damn good

Were vocals I could hear!? I think they may have been.

I don't know how or why anybody could waste their time on AKB48 when Perfume are giving Japan everything.


  1. Perfume are everything right now.

    I can't even with AKB48 though, I don't know even one of their names, because nobody should care. Stay seated.

  2. Lmao perfume was SWAAAAGING lol It looked like they were putting in extra work to take every last one of those AKBitches back to school. I love how not one of those bitches stood up, the gravitational pull of Perfume's wig snatching kept dem bitches seated.

  3. AKB48 only gets a shit-load of attention because their label pays to have their bloody faces plastered all over Japan. The music is rubbish and generic. Perfume ftw!

  4. LOL WHUT? Basic bitches? All of them are basic bitches with no talent, Perfume has stepped that shit up with those dancing moves, but they can't still sing for shit, i can only stand "Spring of life" from these gurlz. No words about AKB48... just IMSICKOFTHISBASICBITCHES48.

    Dem 20 gurlz incluiding perfume went to Kumi's Trick tour and left the place balt LOL

  5. AKB48 mad. AHHAHA!! Perfume is the s**t! Stay mad!! :D

  6. Perfume sang that whole damn song good for freaking them!!


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