Trashtina dresses down for Halloween

Trashtina dresses down for Halloween | photo courtesy of

Trashtina doesn't really need a national holiday to dress up looking like Oscar the grouch's Friday break off. Every day is Halloween in the life according to Trashtina. But she goes ALL out for Halloween, which is exactly where she let it all hang at a party hosted at her home. Guests thought it was an innocent Halloween party, until the lights went low and guests were treated to Trashtina riding her boyfriend in a sling to Rihanna's "S&M" - which is when they realized it was DAT kinda party. A party which was cut short when fire marshals had to come and cut Trashtina free from the sex sling with chain cutters, before then using the same chain cutters to get a ho out of her bra, because her boyfriend could never. That shit hella tight and will take fingers like a Venus fly trap.

She looks hot and messy, which is when Trashtina shines. The days of her scrubbing up good are long gone. Four layers of Nandos peri-peri sauce as foundation and coal for eye shadow is what this woman is now made of. Children up and down the nation can now sleep soundly at night, with Christina losing the pink 'n purple Care bear dip dye weaves which kept them up scared at night.

Trashtina's Halloween outfit of Ozzy Osbourne's living room drapes, swap meet pearls and a crown from a McDonald's happy meal is album cover material. Instead of standing in a flower with her p***y glowing, Trashtina should have just posed wearing this; sat on a wooden chair with her legs wide open with Crisco running down her leg.

I always like when Trashtina brings out the big curly, afro wigs.


  1. Every picture I see has Xtina getting bigger and bigger.

    I mean, if you're thick, own it; but she's bordering obese/diabetic at this point, not okayyy.

    I like how she isn't even wearing a costume, it doesn't have a theme, she probably just took things from her closet and stacked them up.

    1. If you think she's bordering obese you obviously have no idea lol... she's short which makes her look bigger, even now she just looks really curvy... if she wore clothes that actually fit she wouldn't look so big... anyway, I love CURVEtina so...

    2. This ain't CURVEtina this is CIRCLEtina.

    3. Diabetina wants sugar ya'll.

  2. LMAO "Swap meet pearls", how do you come up with this funny sh!t??

  3. LOL she is a literal hot mess, hot and a mess... I lover hah! GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN Y'ALL!


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