Album arts + tracklisting: Ayumi Hamasaki - Again

With Love having failed to reach number 1 on the ORICON charts, all hopes are now pinned on Flop Again. I bet Avex are wishing they hadn't commissioned this 6 months of mini album bullshit now. Kumi Koda is currently showing her child Japan today articles of how Aunty Ayu's Party queen debuted at 2 despite selling more than mommy's album which debuted at number 1 and then rolls around in her childs lego blocks LOL'ing.

Once again, this mini album has a tracklist which reels off like a single. And once again, this shit should have been one.

  1. Wake me up
  2. Sweet scar
  3. Snowy kiss
  4. Ivy
  5. Missing (Orchestra version)
  6. Melody (Acoustic piano version)
  7. Wake me up (Remo-con remix)
  8. Snowy kiss (Shohei Matsumoto remix)
  9. Wake me up (Instrumental)
  10. Sweet scar (Instrumental)
  11. Snowy kiss (Instrumental)
  12. Ivy (Instrumental)

I'm not trying to boycott home girls' release. But fans. You know how much CD's cost in Japan. So you need to ask yourself, is there any point in buy each of these mini albums when you know full well that by July there will be a release which features ALL of the original mixes of the songs featured on each of these consecutive flop mini albums?

Save yo' money. Got hit up that Okonomiyaki joint you felt like treating yourself to. Or spend that yen on a red cup at Starbucks. It's almost Christmas n***a!


  1. I have a feeling this will sell even less than LOVE. Girl should have made this a Christmas 'mini-album'; Japan would have eaten that up.

    I'm getting sick and tired of Ayu getting obsessed with one thing (England, Timmy, Manny, Maro) and including them in EVERYTHING during that period.

  2. UTADA.



  3. I'm not fussed on the CD only but as usual the CD+DVD is really good, She looks cute :)
    Even I wish they hadn't decided to do this stupid series, Honestly her music is good again so why not fucking drop a full album WITH singles and PROMOTE the shit on tv and stuff???

    Ayu needs to realise that it doesn't matter if she breaks her streak, she still has it. And if she doesn't start promoting her shit like she should she won't start another streak... She can make a comeback but I'm sick of all the half assed promo with all these bitches atm, SELL YOUR SHIT BITCHES.

    P.S Another 3 videos that are gonna be cheap as fuck... *SIGH* when are (CR)Avex gonna start getting her shit how it used to be when it sold, I'm sure fans (like me) would rather have 1 good video than 3 cheap boring ones...

  4. I'm surprised you didn't mention her new bf and that he's on the covers

  5. While I'm happy that new songs are much better than the last few releases, I hate the release format. IT is a glorified SINGLE! Will not be picking it up until I am sure it's not coming out in an album later on.


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