Ayu has found LOVE AGAIN

Ayu has found LOVE AGAIN | randomjpop.blogspot.co.uk

Love has gone about as well for Ayu as her recent album sales. But you've gotta admire a woman for trying. Bitch gets an A+ for that.

After marrying some Austrian she knew for 5 minutes, Ayu is now dating one of her dancers. This shit is tragic, because we know how this is going to pan out. We can thank Jennifer Hopelezz and Britney for the life lessons on 'Why dating one of your backup dancers is a bad idea'. Dating a backup dancer is great if a woman wants a dude who can go for hours and pop, drop and lock on her p***y so quick it gives her whiplash. But a backup dancer will not take you into the sunset for that dream romance which will last until the end of time. And that house with the white picket fence and the infinity pool in the back, his ass can't afford it. Women with dollar can act like this won't matter because WE SO IN LOVE! #HATERZ DON'T KNOW BOUT OUR TRU LUV. But when you are the one cutting cheques for your man and those cheques is small cheques which would bounce like a death star off of Rihanna's forehead in a Louis store, that's a problem.

I hope Ayu is prepared for the dick downscale. Manuel was Austrian, looked like he could wrestle a caveman for a steak and leave a n***a for dead and probabaly had a penis thicker than a PlayStation move controller. Maroka Uchiyama looks like he's packing a bento box hot dog weenie and would have to puts fingers and toes into the parlee kween for Ayu to feel it.

If this dude is the reason for Ayu's music taking a positive turn, then all the best to her. It's always nice when you find that someone. Whether it's for a weekend break off or true love...whatever that shit is.

Although after her high profile relationship with Tomoya Nagase and parading her man around in her Love songs videos spelt doom for her relationship, you would've thought she would have thought twice about featuring her latest boo in her "You and I" music video and on her album covers, but no.


  1. *SeesPic*


    So happy this woman keeps making me happy by trashing her life and career.

    Because if she was doing good, I'd have no one to hate but mysel- CRYST- nevermind, I'm good.

  2. Goodness I hope this ends well. I really do. I mean, I don't think it will. In fact, I'm 99.999999% sure it won't end well. But I like to remain as optimistic as that picture. :D So, good luck Ayu on redeeming your love life and your #1 album list.

  3. #Dead That pic slayed me (mmm dat wig), and "the dick downscale" buried me.

  4. This bitch is pulling a Britney, i can't wait to see how it goes. She thinks "technical issues" on her internal cpu means she's in love, but bitch knows nothing about love... Maybe a bit of love for MONEY. Robohoes are not allowed to love, poor Ayu, we'll see ya at court!

  5. the new new is ayumi dating some white guy at america...
    and maro was married with daughter...
    I think there's no love not even sex, she just get a "boyfriend" to promote to flop career
    even japanese saying she isn't able to sell concerts, so people enter for free


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