Beyoncé gets on Instagram. Starts recording a new album.

Beyoncé gets on Instagram. Starts recording a new album |

The Amazonian empress from the kingdom of lost wigs and stolen songs is now on Instagram. Her online PR manager and social media exec Blue Ivy finally convinced her mother to start whoring out her blonde wigs via social media and cop that iPhone 5 upgrade. Beyoncé has been years behind every other hoe socially. Which is why the beehive should be grateful for Blue Ivy. That child set up Beyoncé's tumblr account at age 6 months pre birth and has already got her mother tweeting and Instagramming. Although, Blue is going to have to crack that whip on a wig, because 5 Instagram pics and 4 tweets is not cutting it.

Beyoncé's latest instagram is of her in the studio. It's no secret that Beyoncé has already begun recording her fifth studio album. But it's official now, because there's a picture of her in the studio on her official Instagram account. F**k what you saw before. Details are thin on the ground on who exactly Beyoncé has been in the studio with and whose songs she's stolen thus far. But R&B singer Miguel confirmed he had hit the studio with her. And you can bet a bottle of Carols daughter and the life of Carol's actual daughter that Sean Garrett will be involved, and that Frank Ocean will write his heart out into a song, just to have Beyoncé lie and say she co-wrote it with him, just as she did for "I miss you" on 4.

There is no official release date for the album as of yet, but with a Superbowl performance pencilled in for February next year, her new single will more than likely drop not long before. Giving her a chance to pop her p***y to it in the middle of a stadium.

Beyoncé is going to have to come SPECIAL with this new single, because Solange gave me everything with "Losing you" and I'm on stand by for her True EP to give me everything Beyoncé has failed to with every album she's put out so far.


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