Crystal Kay steps out for Bulgari in Ginza. Looks 99,999 HP classy and fabulous.

Crystal Kay steps out for Bulgari in Ginza. Looks 99,999 HP classy and fabulous |

Vivid sales now stand at -13 (dem refunds) but that's not stopping Crystal from stepping out. Bulgari Ginza celebrated its 5th anniversary and Crystal attended looking all kinds of fabulous and classy in ways you wish your fave could. Crystal kept it middle eastern community friendly for the paps. But as soon as she stepped inside and hit the wine, she Instagrammed a picture showing off the back of the dress, which was completely open and showed off her booty. Crystal needs to put that dress on lay away, loan some Bulgari jewellery and shoot a video for "Eyes on me".


  1. She looks Snatch !

  2. As Joan would say, "Best dressed of the millenium!"

  3. Mhm that dress and necklace looks like it cost more than the total profit made from Vivid. The open back really makes the dress!

  4. Oh shit, she looks amazing.

    But you know that dress and jewelry are on loan.

    Them Vivid sales could MAYBE buy her a cardigan at old navy.

  5. Somebody is trying to blend in with people who are successful, worth it and known.


    You are the female equivalent of that guy with the huge car and small penis.

    Guurl go home, pop you some kernels, and watch that on tv like we do, because we know and you know that we ain't funding any of that.

    If the ground wasn't in the way, them album sales still be plummeting.

    Don't rub up against anyone in that dress, don't spill anything on that dress, don't walk in that dress, don't even look down at the dress and remind it that it's you wearing it, because the only thing between you and death is a rip and a stain.


    1. Such hostility towards my girl. Ayu mad or are you mad? I commend Crystal for living the high life and mingling with the higher ups. They always say that the best way to make it is to act like you are already there. Crystal could care less if Vivid flopped. She is getting her Honey Badger on and living it up like she is selling like Utada in her prime, and I love her for it.

      It would do her no good to just sit at home and wallow in defeat, and you know that this is true. Where would any of us be in life if we laid down like a dog after any setback? The one thing that I have always admired about Crystal is her unbreakable spirit. She can flop like a fish out of water, but she will always be back to try again, and it will pay off for her in the long run.

      Look at her now. Despite the poor sales of Vivid, people are still able to recognize her talent enough to sign her to perform huge gigs like the Distant Worlds tour singing one of the most iconic Final Fantasy song in the history of the franchise. If you think Crystal is worried about messing up some expensive gown, then you are sadly mistaken. My girl has a Phoenix Down for every occasion, so she could use that gown as a table cloth and still have a career and bank account at the end of the day. Heed my words. Crystal will Forever be alright.


    2. I agree with everything but Utada when she WAS in her prime? Girls last single before going on hiatus sold 2 million; she will never not be in her prime.

    3. David, you're right. Excuse my insolence. I only meant when she was at the highest point of her pushing units. She will forever stay brilliant just as she stays gold. Anytime she can make headlines for singing about spices and yawning, you have to be in prime status. My point is that people shouldn't hate on Crystal for continuing to strive for success.

    4. Wow, love the way you throw shade to CK, the homegurl doesn't look expensive nor good... Look at that face, tons of makeup on it, the dress is as special as another Ck stan being desilusional about how she will "rise from her ashes" and stuff... meh

      That shit sold more that Vivid and it wasn't even released, don't ask how.

  6. @J Shinoske

    Do you know how much a Phoenix Down costs? If you did, you would know that Crystal K ain't got one.

    Her HP was depleted a LOOOONG time ago.

    NEWSFLASH: She NEVER got back up.

  7. @InnerRise

    Well, I am glad that zombies have seen a resurgence in their popularity these days because for a walking corpse, Crystal is looking pretty spry. If her HP was depleted a LOOONG time ago like you said, she must be pulling off the fiercest Honey Badger trick in history by not giving the slightest bit of a damn.

    You would have to cut off her legs and rip her vocal cord out to stop this girl, and that still might not be enough. As for the cost of a Phoenix Down, I am sure that despite poor album sales, Crystal can still afford to buy more of them than either of us could, and I have a salaried job.

    THIS JUST IN: Crystal is going to FOREVER continue to do WHAT WE DO by doing whatever makes her HAPPY and she CAN'T BE STOPPED! ;)

    NEWSFLASH: Brandy phoned in to tell you to never say NEVER.

  8. @J Shinoske

    Did you just do that thing where you tell me a life story through the titles of some songs?

    NO. WORDS.

    Also this in: NO. SALES.

    And where did Brandy come from? Is it because she's black too? Or because she can't sell an obedient whore to a pimp named slickback either?

    I wouldn't bet on Crystal then, because Zombies always end up arbitrarily thrown up inside some War Game all shot up and left for dead..........again.


    1. LOL "And where did Brandy come from? Is it because she's black too? Or because she can't sell an obedient whore to a pimp named slickback either?"

      You go and own that shit. J Shinoske... We understand you respect and admire her unbreakable spirit... but damn, you look like a kpop stan right now

  9. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Speaking of zombies I was slain, brought back to life, and then slain again from reading this convo HAHAHAHAHA.

    InnerRise, you need to leave my girl Crystal alone. Save all that shade for the Ayumi Hamasaki posts. Idk if you've seen her first week sales, but home girl flopped big time.

    1. @Mel R

      Oh I saw 'em. This is me last week in a wig at it:

      As a Single she would have gotten #3, as an Album it got #5, as a $h!t it got a counterclockwise flush and right now in its 2nd week it has dropped right on down to #16.

      I didn't even have to say "Guuuuurl BYE" at them sales. They sprouted arms and just started waving. I just nodded my head, bid them adieu and said, "I'll see you in December." She know. We know. They know. Thank you. Yes Ma'am.

      Yes Mel, I've been waiting for a Blog Post on ANYTHING ayumi, but RJ has been blue balling, because imma release all of me like Sandusky in a Shower full of no one his age. #Dawn Keibals

      Her fans: "awww....well for only 3 new songs it did pretty good."

      "Maybe as we get more into these consecutive releases people will become aware that they're actually there."

      "Well "Again" will be released closer to Christmas so perhaps that'll boost the sales, because people like ayumi more in the cold."

      "Namie has her son's friends buying her albums."

      It just makes me want to go out and snip some vas deferens, because we don't need anymore.

    2. Check the new Ayu mad pictures of Vivi, bitch is bald!!! Her wig got snatched because Love sold even worst than Party Queen.

      Can't wait to see her Again sales...

    3. Lmao I honestly felt bad for the hoe for a second, and then I proceeded to check Beni's chart positions and laugh. Ayu must be yanking at her own wig right now at the thought of a basic, was once a nobody bitch like Beni charting higher than her.

      hahahahaha "Namie has her son's friends buying her albums"
      Well then I guess he must have a LOT of friends. LOL His friends probably don't even know Namie is his mom. I'm sure that bitch threatens to lock him in her shoe closet if he dares tell a soul. She fucking flipped when the paparazzi photographed him.

  10. I'm starting to feel like I'm on an episode of Got 2B Real with all of this back and forth shade. LOL

    InnerRise, I do want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to prove Crystal's relevance by casting some shade her way in the first place. I'm sure all of the spotlights she has been under lately are making her hot. She must be doing something right to have earned some haters to accompany her congratulators. Bravo!

    As for being thrown in a War Game, I think Crystal entered the Hunger Games years ago and she is not planning on starving and being left for dead anytime soon. She is the Rue that never died. All I can say is that if you want Crystal to quit and stay down, you are going to need some rabbits feet, lucky charms, and four leaf clovers because as of now, the odds are not in your favor.

    As Mel R said, you might have better luck forecasting Ayumi's demise because Crystal is not going. Let's see these other girls stay in the game and persevere as long as Crystal if they have her sales. You might want to watch the street corners for them because that might be their next career avenue. Meanwhile, Crystal is going to continue to keep it moving, do her own thing, and be perfectly happy at the end of the day. Some of these other girls could never.

    P.S. The Brandy comment was just for the sake of incorporating another song title into my "tell a life story through song titles" response.

    *A J Shinoske don't care. He do what he wants*

    1. You're right. Utada could never, Namie could never, Kumi could never, and ayumi could never sell that little even though it looks like she wants to.

      And oh don't worry. Them spotlights are where she gets her heat, because them albums sales sure ain't keeping the lights on for her.

      In order to cast some shade, you need some shine and when you're black in know.

      "Keep it moving and do her own thing"????

      She better keep it still and do something else.

      #GED (GainfulEmploymentDarnit)

    2. Well Driving Hits 4 sold like 13k only so Kumi can sell that low... Bieber got the GED.. It means he will flop too?

  11. @FokinRG Get out because your ass is just as delusional as the rest. Sometimes you need to drag a bitch when they come for your fav, and inner rise is always coming for Crystal so someone needed to drag that bitch lmao

  12. ^ If you're fav is a flop chick... You're argument is invalid :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Someone is taking things a little too seriously here, and it doesn't appear to be the fans. I could care two snatched wigs if appreciating a person for keeping her head up and trying to make it in the face of adversity supposedly makes my opinion invalid or makes me a sound like a Kpop stan. Album sales are not a true measurement of real talent and anyone who is not delusional can be honest about this.

      The only real argument that we can make against Crystal is that she is losing the popularity contest that is going on in the music industry. Is she the greatest thing in music or the most talented artist? Not at all, but to completely dismiss the girl just because she isn't selling well is a bit foolish. She may not be your cup of tea, but don't hate on someone else who can appreciate what she brings to the table.

      She may not be selling like hotcakes, but at least she is relevant enough to make appearances and be invited to sing at epic events. If I am a crazy stan of the Kpop variety for appreciating the underdog, then so be it, but I refuse to feel like I am beneath anyone because of it. Surely we can keep things easy breezy all in jest without going too far. After all, no matter how much of a flop Crystal is as an artist, she still has more money than anyone commenting on here.

    3. I think the one that took everything too serious was you.. You know how people are "shady" in this place and like to talk shit about artists right? And how it's completely fine to "snatch wigs" right?

      The comment was for Mel, and yup, you do used to look like a kpop stan with all the Ck defense against InnerRise comments. Don't come for me with your human comments cause IDGAF gurl! LOL

    4. "Your human comments" wtf??? Girl...

    5. I completely understand the nature of this place. I was cool with InnerRise, but to me you seemed to come in with personal attacks against the person as opposed to just keeping things about the artist. If you can come for me, I definitely have the right to send for you.

      I find it funny that it is perfectly okay to be as negative as you want to be, but if you try to neutralize the shade with something positive, then something is wrong with you. I would hate to grow up in your household. I'm not mad at you though. Continue to do what you do. Throw shade and prosper. Hopefully, you will live long in the process. Gurl bye!


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