Crystal Kay yoinks house wigs again with "Fantastic journey"

Crystal ain't stopping for no n***a. Her last studio release bombed like a bitch in a pink dress rolled past in a Mario Kart and threw a spiky blue shell at it. But that's not stopping her for shit. Not even 2 weeks since Crystal was sucker punching Faye Wong at the Royal Albert hall and kicking it with Nobuo 'Pimp mack 3000' Uematsu in the studio, and Crystal is already featuring on a new single by fellow Universal signee Daishi dance. Crystal is back at it, snatching house wigs again. If you liked "Haru arashi" you should like this. Although I bet some of you fussy haters won't.

"Fantastic journey" would have fit on Vivid nicely. Not that it would have mattered in the grand scheme of things given that nobody cared about that wonderfully crafted pop classic.

Yet again Crystal puts it down on a song which would make a great foray into the Western market. Hot beat. Hot vocals. Singing in English. But no exposure. Home girl couldn't even get an appearance in the music video. It's beyond ridiculous now. But I love that Crystal is staying active despite the sales performance of Vivid. She's been more active in this phase of her career than she's ever been. It's just a shame it doesn't seem to be paying off on a bigger scale.


  1. Bitch knows what happens when you take a break; you become irrelevant.

    She learned that the hard way after Color change.

  2. I like the song. Again, she sings the song differently than any of the songs on vivid. As much as I liked vivid, I'm ready for some more R&B Crystal. I need her to turn out another album that's on that All Yours status.

  3. I like this song, could have done with more vocals for longer though. I actually really like the video too but yeah CK shoulda come out from between them trees and popped her pussy all over them haha

    It's so good that she is staying active though, most bitches would fell on their sword after so much effort and little return, she's a fighter and an some point it will pay off for her.

    1. ^@Luke
      There is a longer version of the song. T'm guessing this is the short version for the pv. Levey posted a link to it in the chat box.

    2. Oh cool, thanks :D I'll track it down.

  4.! New song featuring Crystal Kay. Any thoughts?


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