Madgina shakes her bones to "Gangnam style"

Madgina shakes her bones to "Gangnam style" |

Madonna continues to act like she is the hippest bag of bones on the planet and live her daughters life. Sucking the life out of everything which was once cool like a succubus

Everybody has been pimping the absolute shit out of PSY's "Gangnam style" and Madgina is the latest. She had PSY gate crash her performance at Madison square garden with a mash-up of "Give it 2 me" and "Gangnam style", which I shall hereby Christen "Give it 2 me Ganhgnam style". So original. "Gangnam style" is better than everything on MDNA. You Madgina fans know this is real talk and that THAT album was a complete f**king mess which made Hard candy sound like a magnum opus.

Madonna thrusted her crusty vagina, opened her legs and got down on her knees. Just a regular night in with Madgina. PSY is overweight and has a face which looks like it's been sucking on lemons for 2 decades straight. But his swagger in the suits and the way he moves is like sexual kimchi on a cracker. A good expensive cracker. Not that Nabisco Ritz shit.

PSY can get p***y in ways your fave could never.


  1. LOL this was so cringe and I love Madonna... Do Madonna fans even defend "MDNA" any more though??? It has a couple of good songs on it "Girl gone wild" and "Masterpiece" but overall the fact she didn't give a fuck about it can be seen in the quality.
    Her tour is amazing though (as usual) and shows that anything she puts effort into slays, Although I could do without the nightly current affairs bulletin on her back every night, It was cool the first and second time but every night is getting lame... I'm waiting for the soup of the day to be written on her back one night soon lol

    If I were Madonna once this tour wraps up I'd get my ass back in the studio and make a fucking effort this time around because I will not stand for 3 not amazing albums in a row ~_~

    P.S PSY's fashion is amazing, that is all.

  2. Madonna needs to stop while she can still move.

  3. Well the only one who is shinning in this video is PSY. He is being pimped out more than a crack whore in debt, but he is definitely getting paid for it. Madonna should probably go on hiatus and find her some musical direction that will save her life because at this rate, she will lose all forms of relevance within the next two years.


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