Monkey Majik to release a holiday single and make it the whitest Christmas in Japan

Monkey Majik are preparing to make it the whitest Christmas in Japan by releasing a holiday single. But to ensure those 40 year old mothers go out and buy that single too, they've collaborated with Oda Kazumasa; who looks as though he did not give a single f**k about this collaboration in the video below, and is wondering how he got roped into this mess and why 2 white dudes have their arms around him.

All thoughts of how I feel about Monkey Majik's pimping of Christmas in Japan are focused into how much I want Oda Kazumasa to release a Christmas EP, with "Masshiro" as a bonus track, because that shit is my crack and should be mercilessly bonus tracked onto everything he releases. It's THAT good.

Monkey Majik's holiday single "A Christmas song" will be released on December 5 and will feature covers of "Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!" and "Have yourself a merry little Christmas". I've not been overly keen on any holiday single released in Japan since Namie Amuro's "White light", which I played beyond death and through resurrections way into the new year and beyond.


  1. Lmfao this shit is too fucking funny. This dude looks like he's thinking "Just remember, you're getting paid" hahahaha. Lawd the Japanese pronunciation :/ hahaha

  2. LOL Old People.


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