Music video: Girls' generation - Flower power

I'm pretty sure if you picked up 9 hoes off the street and paid them in crack and rolled up 20's to learn a routine and dance it in front of a camera, that they could do a better job than these girls and that they'd bring better wigs to the set too. These tricks live together. They've been performing together for 5 years and they STILL can't keep in f**king time with one another!? Joe Jackson needs to sit in on their dance rehearsals with a switch and a metronome, because current n***as at SM aren't  teaching these girls a damn thing. If anything, their dancing is getting worse! At least in the "Gee" video they were kinda in sync. In this shit it was like half the group was dancing to a song on a playback which was 4 seconds behind the others. CHIL' WORK HARDER!!

I think SM are running out of songs to give these girls. They knock out a Japanese version of a 2 year old song which was given side eye when it released in Korea. And now SM are just throwing these girls mish-mashed songs which didn't even have a chorus comissioned. Maybe Hyeyeon should go find it. Ain't nobody gonna miss her. It's not like she does ANYTHING.

Girls' generation clearly haven't been stuck in dance classes and the mumbled Japanese phrases littered throughout this song also signals that these tricks were skipping their Japanese speaking and listening classes like Sooyoung skips meals. So WHAT the heck have they been doing over the past 5 months!?


  1. Okay Unh Unh.

    I'll give you the faulty choreography, but step off my girls.

    This song fried, sauteed, and burnt me and left me for the cannibals it's so hot.

    Somebody gonna eat good tonight.

    1. So what? It's not like the bitches wrote a note of the song.

      They have ONE job, and it's to dance (and stay away from any food that isn't steamed rice or celery.)

      If they can't even do that, what are they contributing? Any other Kpop bitches with a group of 4+ could do it better.

    2. Hold up. Swerve.

      They sing too.

      The "not writing" argument is as weak as PEPCO'S ability to keep the lights on.

      If the song is hot, believe these girls are getting credit for it.

      Drop matches on that Straw Man over there and keep it.

      When we are hearing this song on our radios and iPods, we aren't seeing the flickted dancing of seizures, cerebral palsy and epileptic shock. It bares no weight on the product here.

      So never come for these chicks.

      Sit & Stay with love.

    3. They sing about as much as Perfume sing, so lets not even take it there because 'there' doesn't exist.

      And the not writing part is a perfectly good argument. Other artists who have their songs written for them dance and sing instead. These bitches do NOTHING. They can't even move their legs in sync. And they have NOTHING to do with the music.

      But you can keep stanning for a group with no talent whatsoever; I won't stop you.

    4. OK ladies, calm y'alls vages. GG doesn't ever shell out effort for their Japanese material. The good ish will only be in the few album tracks that actually sound halfway decent in their upcoming album and their Korean singles. Their label never puts it together right for them.

      But, these girls could care less; they are still counting that "Gee" and "The Boys" money while y'all arguing over nonsense. Have several seats, thank you.

    5. @David

      You get one dance routine where you legitimately have more legs to stand on in unison than they ever did in this one video and think that's all you need to discredit their entire career.

      Girl PAUSE.

      Not happening.

      SM be working these girls like Tae-yeon's worst enemy in the cotton fields in the back-back days and their dance routines always be on point so let's not.

      And the credit to their singing still stands. Some of these girls can sing, and you get one misstep and capitalize like a wall street broker.

      Nah. Their wigs will forever be firmly attached to their heads. You can have the voluntary locks Sunny keeps chopping off to keep the haters at bay though. Yes, even to the haters they donate. The only wig you get is what they give you.

      Collect enough strands, you may actually get that wig you so desperately keep grasping for.

      Until then, stay bald.

    6. You can keep stanning but none of your defenses hold.

      Also, they've been around since like 2007; these bitches ain't EVER danced on point. EVER. They are literally KNOWN in the kpop world as bad dancers.

      But don't let me stop your cum flow over mediocrity.

      Also @Nait sit your fat ass down and stop acting holier than thou on a website DISCUSSING music and artists performance. Girls probably on a ration of rice and pennies anyways, SM ain't paying ANYBODY.

    7. @ Nait Phoenix

      You really think they are still raking in the money from Gee and The Boys? They really aren't. Most of these girls do this because their passionate about it (or bound to an inescapable contract), the amount SM spent on these chicks and the revenues, and then divide like a quarter of that to the 9 members, I really don't think they are snatching anyone's wigs.

      @ David

      Don't bother with InnerRise, bitch be delusional.

    8. @David

      They really aren't.

      They have always been known to be SM Slaves that are worked to the bone to within an inch of their perfection.

      Which is why their dancing in this video is being so criticized in a big way, because it's unlike them.

      You never hear uproar like this when they release a video, which is why we are even discussing it right now and it's a credit to their success and talent.

      If anything concerning their dancing, Hyoyeon and Yuri are always getting praise.

      So yeah. You're really capitalizing on this in a big.

      Enjoy this fleeting moment. It really is few and far between for them.

      Regardless, the song is good. There's already a consensus that it's loads better than "PAPPARAZI".

      They've already taken over Korea and Japan by Storm and had the #1 rated Youtube Video in THE WORLD, done dipped their toes on the U.S. front and before PSY, had made the most strides in America Korean Artist wise, getting acknowledged on American television like no other.

      I said let's not, but I'm glad we did. They speak for themselves.

    9. AHAHAHA @ everything you said.

      Literally, none of that was true.

      Lawd help you exorcise that stan demon in you boy.

    10. Lulz. This was fun though.

    11. *getting in somebody else's bussiness*

      SNSD Stan vs Perfume Stan arguing about talent?!!

  2. I didn't even notice the song was in Japanese until I read your article.

    I'm so god damned sick and tired of these bitches, not that I ever wasn't. I don't even have any proper shade to throw at them because I can't be bothered to waste energy to do so.

    1. Well you did... Look right there ^

    2. I had a mug of shade coffee after posting.

  3. All of the above, also Taeyeons face looks weird.
    And they better get them leg kicks in time or I will throw a fit! The very least I expect is that they flick their legs properly.

    Joe Jackson would have these girls so in sync the world would think it was one girl and Perfume would retire. loll

  4. this single is being too forced, I really noticed they didn't sync with the music, their dance were so weak, their costumes also less memorable, people will get boring easily with it (what happen with AKB48 and their sistas are beyond my logic)
    anyway we need more proper release from this girls but it's a way better than just released their korean song in japanese version, huft . . .

  5. Nah, leave HyoBabes!

  6. There are so many Girls Generations apologists in here. I think the song is a mess and while they do look hot its a crap video too.

    I've never liked an SNSD song and I always check out their new releases to see if I like it or not but once again nope. They are like white, empty, light and flat paper dolls to me.

  7. LAWD This thread is turning into Namie Amuro and the Super monkeys part 2.

    @NaitPhoneix Their Japanese debut was their best work yet (and that's not saying much). There was literally one good song on The Boys album. Also, those girls ain't sitting on no type of money. Especially from their forays into Japan where the laws are different and the record labels keep basically 90% of the profit. This goes especially for SNSD since they don't write their own music, and are not involved at all in the creative process behind their "artistry". Look at the fucking quality of this video. The budget probably couldn't even pay for one member's airfare from Korea to Japan. SM is all about minimizing costs. You would think that after making 50 million off of these girls from their japanese ventures they would be able to scrape together enough money to make a halfway decent video.

    @InnerRise girl usually I'm here for your wig snatching, but I hope for your sake that you're trolling. Everything you said sounds like something a delusional Sone would say. Where are you getting your facts from because they're far from accurate. I believe psy has the most liked video on youtube currently. Also, SNSD's success in japan is over hyped. They have not saturated the market like Akb48, any other idol group or Namie Amuro have. To put things in perspective, Namie Amuro can do little to no promo, and everyone will still buy her shit. Girls Generation could never. These girls we're literally shoved down the throats of Japanese people for their current success, which judging by their current singles sales is pretty standard right now for most K-pop acts in Japan. I'm not even gonna touch the topic of them paving the way for other K-pop artists in the U.S. K-pop will always be nothing more than a niche genre in the U.S

    1. cosign. mel's the lone voice of reason in this whole thread. b*tches be cutthroat.

      the song is average, the dancing mediocre (but so was paparazzi so it just must be whoever they're using this go round), but a few bad songs and videos a failure does not make. Promo, popularity, contract or otherwise, somebody is signing GG checks and they're getting cashed & desposited.

      I'll never understand why there's such a argument about writing and arrangement in pop music like this. It's not produced to be some game-changing entry on the epitaph of K-pop music; this stuff is fleeting and trendy and probably won't be remembered in 5 years. Let's just cut a lil 2 step to the parts we like and move on to the next release.

      i'm still mad they put sunny in that god-awful wig on a song where she finally gets some play. they do my girl wrong. lol

    2. Kpop is just a trend (yes PSY will perform at the EMA's.... IDK how, but he will and they hypocrite bitches like The Forehead willd ace to his song just to get some attention). 3 years from now on, nobody will take Kpop seriously, the US market is racist as hell and even tho they have "latin" charts and stuff they don't support anything else than mainstream american music. Those stans thinking Kpop is taking over the world and shit will kill themselfs when this "wave" goes away. And they still have the guts to say the Japanese music industry is stucked. Oh and btw this skanks got no money, they do modeling and stuff for living because they only get to see 8% of the money from sales and performances, divide that shit between 10 hoes and you get like 200usd LOL

    3. No no no...i don't believe K-pop is a trend, but songs like this are. Music is not a trend, neither is a genre. It's just that music like this (autotune, questionable lyrics, so-so arrangement) is made to be consumed until the next hotter single drops. Let's do just that. If music like this was made to last, Rihanna wouldn't need to drop and album every other quarter.

    4. Bryan Kpop is a trend, it will fade away in a couple of years.

      Rihanna releases the way she does, because her big ass head is messed up and i'm sure that trick will end up in the streets with Lindsay Lohan.

  8. My eyes were bleeding when i saw those cheap wigs

  9. the song is a mess. and if you haven't notice, since paparazzi. they are not trying to be in sync... thats the whole point. the choreo now involves much more hand movements and not. its not INTW style 100% in sync. get over it.

    1. "they are not trying to be in sync... thats the whole point."

      As the stan desperately tries to snag at some half assed ridiculous explanation to why his faves suck, an idea sparks in his head... "IT'S SUPPOSE TO SUCK GUIS U DON'T GET IT TRU ART."

    2. @David:

      That's the shit i got as response when i wrote a comment on youtube of how these tricks were out of synch and bored as hell "That's how the dance goes" Bitch please! Yo momma spreading legs to homeless dudes was how it went and you were born "that's how it goes"

  10. this shit look like mr. taxi


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