Music video: Lionel Richie featuring Crystal Kay - Endless love

I take back what I'd said before. Turns out Universal managed to scrape some change and shoot a video for this shit.  My n***a Lionel hasn't aged all that badly. Possibly because he always looked 60 even in his 20's and 30's. All that walking on the ceiling really f**ked with his face. Crystal was looking at Lionel's lips like she wanting him to eat da p***y. Girls have needs ya'll.

We've all heard this song before, countless times. And let's be real, nobody has a single f**k to give this. So let's talk about Crystal. The dress game would have been better if that shit was see through and made from lace. I know she was trying to be conservative and shit, but Crystal needs to show the body in the dresses. ALWAYS show the body CK. F**k the haters.


  1. Haha, I could not contain the laughter, I burst out reading the 2nd paragraph.

  2. I'm wondering why Universal even bothered to do record this song or shoot a video for it. I could understand if this song was actually featured on Lionel's album, but to my knowledge his album dropped well before this song was recorded and he did this duet with someone else. Surely, they could find someone more relevant for CK to collaborate with for American exposure.


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