Music video: Son Dam Bi - Dripping tears

The comeback everybody thought was a myth has become a reality. The expressionless Som Dam Bi has FINALLY released a new mini album and a visual to go along with its lead song. Son Dam Bi is THAT chick you can always rely on to drop songs which sound like a Z-list demoes which were created 17 years prior to her releasing them. It's why I kinda like her. She puts out outdated as hell songs and gives not a single f**k.

"Dripping tears" sounds like a euphemism for vaginal discharge, but is in fact about finding oneself in some dark hour of despair...or some shit like that. All I know is that Son Dam Bi's wig was not properly fixed to her head in this video (why snatch what will fall of when home girls gets into a bathtub!?) and the whole white room / drown a chicken-head scene felt like a complete jack from Lady Gaga's "Bad romance" video. Lady Gaga is no position to call a bitch on it though. Seeing as her life is a day to day jacking that n***as in a GTA game would struggle to keep up with.

Son Dam Bi ain't never topping "Saturday night". That Bossa nova Casio keyboard beat and 1 ply paper vocals are pretty much everything.


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