Beyoncé shows underboob and pokes out her jelly for GQ

Beyoncé shows underboob and pokes out her jelly for GQ |
Beyoncé shows underboob and pokes out her jelly for GQ | Beyoncé shows underboob and pokes out her jelly for GQ |

The Amazonian android empress from the kingdom of lost wigs and songwriting credits did a shoot with Terry Richardon. So of course Beyoncé looked like a street walker who would suck a dick for a pack of a $20 bill and a family pack of ho-hos, because this is how Terry Richardson shoots most females who step into his studio.

B did a short interview with GQ, but ain't nobody interested in 90% of what Beyoncé has to say. Her answers in interviews are always so controlled and uninspired. It's a good thing she holds it down on stage and fulfils my quota of p***y popping and weave thrashing, because her interviews are boring.

She did give some long awaited details on the upcoming album though and name dropped some of the collaborators, along with the direction the sound will take.
I've been working with Pharrell and Timbaland and Justin Timberlake and The-Dream. We all started in the '90s, when R&B was the most important genre, and we all kind of want that back: the feeling that music gave us.
I'm excited to hear about her and Pharrell, as Pharrell can do no wrong and has been turning in some great productions over the past few years. Plus, he always gives Beyoncé the hotness. "Green light" was a defining moment on B'Day, "Work it out" stays hot and for all of the shade about Pharrell's production sounding lazy on Destiny's child's "Nuclear", to me the beat on that song is fire. I'm concerned about Timbaland though. This woman should have been working with Timbaland when I told her ass to 6 years ago. That n***a's music is a royal mess now. His output is atrocious. Unless he's giving Beyoncé jams on a level with Destiny's child's "Get on the bus", he needs to do as the song say. I like what Timbo did for Justin Timberlake's "Suit & tie", but anybody producer could have given out that beat. It's not signature Timbo of a style which only he could pull off. She should have hollered at Danja instead. Did this bitch not hear his A game for Katharine McPhee's debut?

Let's just hope this album doesn't end up sounding like Hard candy.

I'm still waiting on a wholly solid and consistent album from Beyoncé. She has an inability to really stick to a sound for a whole album and step outside of her comfort zone of just screaming over beats which feature cowbells and a trumpet. I'd love for Beyoncé to do an entire album where she's doing new things with her voice and working a new sound, instead of giving us a progressive song here and there, and then a trail of material which have her resorting back to the lowest common denominator.


  1. That last picture looks odd and not very flattering honestly.

    1. I agree. I hate the whole shoot. She just looks off. The out-takes from this shoot are much better and more flattering.

  2. The shape of her body looks like it hurts. I dont like it. JZ needs to start getting on the bottom.

  3. I agree about Timbaland. I remember back in the 90's he had birds (Get on the Bus), crickets (SupaFly) and babies (Are you that somebody) in his songs. I always found Tim's use of animals and other random sounds to be unique to his style of production. Even on Timberlakes last album while it was moving into the dance/electro scene it was still unique (although her repackaged and resold beats to Bobby Valentino and the like). I'm not into his recent production either. I hope he takes it back to that sound with monkeys and alligator roars in the songs again.


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