Crystal Kay to release a Vivid (one stop) tour DVD. Japan stay not caring.

Crystal Kay to release a Vivid tour DVD. Japan stay mad |

Japan thought they'd done everything in their power to ensure CK would get a drop from Universal music, but nope. Crystal and Universal music will be releasing a live DVD of Crystal Kay's Vivid tour. Universal music are COMMITTED to this bitch. It's tragic. Not just because nobody in Japan cares about this girl, but because Crystal's hustle, image and music has been so f**king on point since jumping ship from Sony that it's stupid. This really should have been the point in Crystal's career where the decade of bullshit at Sony paid off with a surge national popularity and sales, but is not the case. Still, it's brilliant that CK has a live DVD on the way. It's shocking to think this is only her second tour DVD after 14 years in the biz and 10 studio albums.

Crystal's Vivid tour looked like it was hit by a meteorite which the astrologers named 'BUDGET CUT', but it is a really good show. If the music and Crystal's dance game in her music videos wasn't an indication of the new lease of life running through Crystal, then her stage game on the Vivid tour most certainly is. She leans on bitches, touches a booty to "Be mine", drops to her knees and has a break down to "Come back to me" and then gets up and starts krumping to "Fly high" - all in a tight red vinyl catsuit. Crystal gets it like she ain't never gotten it before and will never get it again.

I'm not one to buy live DVD's, but I might cop this, because I don't want Crystal Kay to go hungry on the street and end up offering blow jobs outside Yokohama Izakaya's for Pachinko change.

Album review: Vivid
The big question: What is the obstacle preventing Crystal Kay from success?


  1. I'm def buying this. I want to see the whole show but I especially want to see her sing come back to me. I'll even buy the limited edition, lol. I want a tee shirt!

  2. Japan ain't got a reason to stay mad because they all STAYED HOME.

    This ain't no tour. One location. One outfit. And not one single fook from one single fan. This is a curtain call. And Crystal DeKay apparently caught the curtain and put it on because she looks a tragic tutu mess.

    Ain't no one proud of this girl but her mother who is still wondering was it worth it to blow out her coochie and let it drop for this legacy of a mess whose only worth has yet to be found.

    If Crystal was in that "Keep Hanging In There" poster, there would just be a branch.

    Thank You. Yes Ma'am. Goodbye.

    1. LOL "Japan still not caring" now... Hahahaha. Japan stay mad, that's what i saw last night. Not this "Still don't care".

  3. Im so~ excited shes releasing this <3 But her vocals were pretty shit. She sounded *fantastic* on the live of Inochi no Rythm for MUSIC JAPAN. But her tour was really disappointing.

    Still, looking forward to it! <3

    And @ InnerRise "If Crystal was in that "Keep Hanging In There" poster, there would just be a branch. " - lol what branch, she'd be hanging off by her fingernails on a twig.

  4. I love this blog! You are always right and you're the best at it!! Crystal kay should try new places...japan is ful of it...shit. Crystal kay has been work hard for years but still no love from these fucking ppl but let some half white sing a bullshit ass song watch them love her up for years.


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