Music video: Siwon refuses to dance in Super Junior M's "Breakdown"

I loved "Super girl". I hate this piece of shit song. Between this and "I got a boy", I'd love to know what's in the water at SM entertainment, because these lead songs they keep dropping are messes. "Break down" has so much whizzing, blipping, glitches and wub-wub that I can barely make out a song. The production is too much and far too overblown to the point it staggers the flow of the song.

The video is that same ol', same ol' shit Super Junior always do. I have no idea why Siwon refused to dance. Yes, his dancing is so f**king terrible he should be put on a diet of sucking olives and flung into Girls' generation. But Kyuhyun can't dance neither, yet he still make an attempt to get it with the moves.

There was more make-up on these boys in this video than Girls' generation's were caked in for "The boys".


  1. Couldn't finish watching, it felt like Swion was staring straight into my soul, not in a romantic way, in a sort of drag you to hell/evil dead way...

  2. In my opinion, Siwon can't really sing. And I would like to see a Super Junior video that doesn't involve them being in a random dancing with occasional close up shots of their faces. It's like they don't even try for their videos anymore. And on another note, do they even speak Mandarin? lol

  3. SM is hilarious.

    Why the hell is this in Chinese? As if the Chinese even understand what the word 'buying' means. They have a non-existent music market, so stupid.

    Either way, we all know Siwon is just the body. Not even the face, just the body. No singing, no dancing. Because it sure as hell isn't Shindong.

    I was mouthing 'grab somebody sexy tell them hey' at 0:34 though.

    The song is mess, but not any worse than 'I got a boy' and you do have to give Super Junior something; most of them dance ON POINT, unlike them staggering bitches.

    1. Forgot to add though, the dancing in this video is atrocious though. They're USUALLY on point.

      @ 1:42 NONE of them are doing the same dance. Most of them look lost like the camera suddenly started filming and someone screaming 'GO!'

    2. Not to put a finer point on your argument, but Super Junior-M means Super Junior Mandarin, as in Mandarin Chinese, as in why they are singing in Chinese. They WERE composed of three Chinese members (now down to two), so... unless you were being horribly shady, that's the reason.

      But, if you were being shady, refer to Jolin Tsai next time.

    3. Obviously, but it makes no sense since sales would not pass 10k units GUARANTEED in China. Their DEBUT only sold 60k, and that was a big deal. Hilarious.

      That was the part I was pointing out, the whole thing is a stupid idea on SM's part.

      Jolin is one of the rare exceptions.

      China isn't even in the top 20 music markets. LITERALLY DENMARK HAS MORE SALES THAN CHINA. They'd be better of making Super Junior D, as in Denmark.

    4. Oh, excuse me that was an EP.

      Either way, there's a reason Avex pulled the fuck out of China.

    5. "Obviously, but it makes no sense since sales would not pass 10k units GUARANTEED in China. Their DEBUT only sold 60k, and that was a big deal. Hilarious."

      Those sales are probably the reason this release is digital only. A physical product would have been a wasted investment. At least digitally they can take advantage of the few Chinese market sales they'll get and international market.

  4. 힉스 로렌시아7 August 2013 at 10:10

    It's not their best song and honestly I believe the member with actual talent is Henry. Siwon is a better actor. Kyuhyun can sing. Eunhyuk can dance. Over all the best is Henry, he's to talented and I'm glad he does is own music now too.

  5. uhm, siwon didn't REFUSE to dance, when they shot the MV he was doing a drama, therefore he didn't have time to participate as much. That has happened multiple times not because he doesn't want to or "refused" to dance but because he was busy and yes he is not one of the best dancers.


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