Beyoncé sells out dates for her tour in minutes. Makes everybody take a seat...literally.

The Amazonian android empress from the kingdom of lost wigs otherwise known as Beyoncé has not released a single, has not given us a name or a release date for her comeback studio album at time of writing, yet has managed to sell out UK dates of her world tour in a mere 10 minutes.

Telecommunications company o2 gave their customers the chance to buy tickets to the London leg of The Mrs. Carter show on February 21st, two days before they went on sale to the general public. Servers crashed, people were placed in queues, and tickets sold out so fast that Beyoncé had to announce additional dates...all of which sold out by Saturday afternoon. [UPDATE: Beyoncé has sold out tickets in another country].

Check out this ad which had been airing on TV in the UK 2 weeks prior to the tickets going on sale.

Beyoncé was giving me Soul Calibur Isabella Valentine with this shit and I love it. [UPDATE: Beyoncé is in the preliminary planning stages of building her own country] Beyoncé is not playing. She is looking regal, wearing crowns and getting Queen Elizabeth I on hoes. Rihanna had best get her domestically abusive n***a to put up dukes and protect that side wig piece. Beyoncé has put a bounty on her wig and is asking for it to be placed in her hands.

I tried to get tickets to Beyonce's shit, to no avail. [UPDATE: Beyoncé has sold out all of the dates for the leg which stops in the country she built 3 minutes ago]. I stay hopeful that more tickets may surface for non-extortionate prices at some point, but I'm not holding my breath. [UPDATE: Beyoncé has sold out all of the tickets in the world].

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  1. Oh my god that music!

    Shame that nothing on any of a Album she ever puts out will come close to this music's worth.

    And of course chick made sure her InnerCracker within was shining bright for the British. White as Death.

    This spot was hot though. America needs to do these things. Jeez.

  2. Bla, hate the way this ugly hoe tries to look lighter than she is, i know... being black is not a plus on the media, but bitch... don't act hood on your videos, twerk and name your baby "blue ivy", and expect to be a white girl. Bitch please!

    1. amen to that!

      The buffoon scares me to dead.

  3. Asian star got copied


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