Britney Spears leaves The X-Factor, loses her man. Next? The panties.

Britney Spears leaves <i>The X-Factor</i>, loses her man. Next? The panties |

Britney is no longer relevant, but let's humour her anyway. Britney's kicked her man of 3 years to the curb. This comes fresh off the back of the news that Britney has officially left The X-Factor and that she is also changing management which means her (ex) boo would no longer be managing her. Awkward.

The American train wreck also stated that her reasoning behind leaving The X-Factor was that she realized how much she missed 'performing' and that it was time to head back into the studio. Bitch needs to head into the dance studio. I know the production on her next album will be on point as it always is. But I need to see this chick move in a video like she cares and she has some dance ability - which I already know she won't. And fans can siddown with their "But she's older now". The woman is 31. Not 65 and in a wheelchair - but she may as well be.

Britney leaving The X-Factor comes as no surprise. Britney was paid a sack tonne of money to be a judge; and all she did was sit, pull GIF worthy faces and give no form of critiquing which exceeded a sentence word count of 5. Somebody of her stature in pop should have been giving those kids on that stage sage like advice, but she gave nothing and constantly looked as though she had no idea what day of the week it was.

I'mma need somebody to replace Britney's pills with tic tacs, hide her panties and send those kids to Felicia, because I need Britney to fly off some rails and give me Blackout 2.0.


  1. No longer relevant? lmao please


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