Crystal Kay previews a new song "My heart beat" in a commercial and prepares for another tour *Crickets chirp*

Crystal Kay previews new song "My heart beat" in a commercial and prepares for another tour *Crickets chirp* |

Crystal Kay is keeping that shit MOVING. Home girl is doing stage plays with n***a's in EXILE and only dropped a single with them a couple of weeks ago and she's grinding with more new material. NEW MATERIAL! Crystal's latest is titled "My heart beat" and is tied in with a commercial. But before you get excited, this isn't a song for SoftBack, Au KDDI, Lancôme or Suntory. But for a flask. Crystal has downgraded from a budget range of instant coffee to a flask. Home girl cannot catch a break for an endorsement deal. Namie made more yen with her last TV commercial tie in alone than Crystal has made in endorsement deals over the course of her 14 year career.

You can view the flask commercials here. The 2 commercials and the behind the scenes video all feature different sections of the song. If the site loads as slow as it did when I tried to check it out because of Japan and their gangsta bandwidth hungry Flash embeds, you can listen to a preview of the song ripped from the behind the scenes video below.

"My heart beat" is co-written by Christian Fast and Henrick Nordenback who also co-wrote "Haru arashi" and "Memory box" from Crystal's critically acclaimed flop Vivid. These guys also co-wrote "In the spotlight (Tokyo) and "Only you" from Namie's Uncontrolled. The song will be available on iTunes from February 27. But I'm not holding my breath for it to even feature single artwork let alone a music video. But it's great (as always) that Crystal is staying active and I'm liking the song. It's nice, upbeat and easy breezy. Fans may hate on the pop and C Kay's abandonment of R&B. But I don't care what music she does as long as it sounds hot. And can't nobody tell me that Vivid was not a hot album and that "My heart beat" does not sound like a jam.

Crystal will also be embarking on her second acoustic tour in March: Crystal café 2013. There are currently 5 dates and Crystal will be doing 2 gigs in Shibuya and hitting up Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. With this being Crystal's second acoustic tour coming off the back of the release of her live Vivid gig, I really hope Universal release a Crystal café live album. I'd give CD Japan my dolla for that without a doubt.

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  1. This song is hot. To be honest Crystal Kay is dropping some of the hottest tunes in J-pop. Crystal Kay and Namie Amuro are giving me the eargasm I need from J-pop.

  2. I'm starting to really question why Crystal isn't getting the same success as Namie and Kumi, 'cause this song is hot for music, let alone pop music!

  3. This shit is hot.

    I honestly want a VIVID part II, even though it would flop even harder, but that album left me wanting more of this new pop CK.

  4. Lol, this is not a flask! It's a thermos! The Japanese women love them their teas, you know this! But I suppose you could sneak Hot Toddies around with it, in which case "flask" would be more fitting. Yes, she's working; yes, not enough people will care, i.e., pay for her music; but I have to say that since the thermo-flask is being marketed to young women in this commercial, it's not a bad way for the CK team to try to market her music to the same crowd, who is probably her best bet at any form of success. They have to target a group with money (like Mr. AKB targets older, obsessive, single men who have money to spare), and busy young women on the go with their Hot Toddy Green Teas might be most likely candidates to buy CK music! Shoot, I might have to get this thermo-flask next time I'm in Japan.

    1. A Thermos...FLASK *lol*

      Crystal Kay needs to be fronting Honda's, Au KDDI price plans and SuiCa cards. Not a damn Thermos flask. "My heart beat" deserves better. The song is fire. Although Crystal could be hip rolling to this song in a Monster hunter commercial and nobody would give a damn.

      Can't wait to see the single cover. I know it's going to look like it was shot on a budget which couldn't even buy somebody a sachet of tea, let alone a thermos flask to put it in.

  5. I like it. Can't wait to hear the whole song. At least it's a new endorsement.

  6. I need this song now.

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