How I feel about Beyoncé's Superbowl halftime scream fest

Beyoncé's halftime scream fest |

The amazonian android empress from the kingdom of lost wigs. Otherwise known as Beyoncé. Making her comeback at the Superbowl after giving hoes 2 full years to try and get their shit together before she starts causing hurricanes with her weave thrashes and sending bitches flying out of the game and into their record labels drop lists.

Lots of people hate on Beyoncé for the sake of hating. But the woman knows how to put on a show and can outperform most of the bitches in the game right now. The only other female artist who immediately comes to mind as somebody who can, has and will snatch Beyoncé's wig live and burn it in front of her is P!nk. But there is no denying Beyoncé's show-womanship. It's just a shame that her comeback performance was a clusterfuck of a badly arranged songs, horrid segues and what we've seen Beyoncé do hundreds of times before.

I always feel that Beyoncé often gets her setlist wrong during gigs and I felt this was the weakest aspect of this performance. Beyoncé decided to drag us through about 8 songs, all of which were chopped, butchered and cut down to such bit sized moments that you never really had a moment to enjoy any of them. She went from opening the show with the introduction to "Run the world (Hoes)", and then belted the hook from "Love on top". She then walked to the middle of the stage, got on the floor and showed New Orleans where Blue Ivy fell out of for "Crazy in love". She then kicked off the 4 single that should have been yet never was "End of time" - was truncating it to such a degree that I barely recognized it. The we got a messy as hell Destiny's child medley, which concluded with a Kelly and Michelle assisted rendition of "Single ladies". But once Beyoncé began to see the crowd were liking her ex group members, she pretty much scooted them off the stage and began to scream "Halo" for the encore, when it should have ended on the high that was "Single ladies".

The best part of this whole mess was the Destiny's child reunion. As much as I liked the girls back in the day, I can't say I've ever missed them. After The writing's on the wall I found their solo efforts much more fulfilling than Survivor and their final studio album. But seeing all 3 of them on stage together reminded me how much I actually missed seeing the three of them together. The main draw was Kelly. From Destiny fulfilled onwards, Kelly began to overtake B in the sexy stakes. But she downright shamed her here. It was a nice reminder that when she's on form Kelly can light up a stage and that she is a also a better dancer than Beyoncé. She worked that "Single ladies" routine RIGHT. But Beyoncé is not one to let Kelly or Michelle to upstage her, so she had her sound engineer homie drop the mic levels on both those bitches so nobody could hear them sing and then ushered them off the stage before people started cheering bitches names, even though the performance would have been stronger had Beyoncé finished the "Single ladies" routine with both Kelly and Michelle in tow.

Despite Beyoncé making this her claim that she sings live and that she can do so perfectly well despite her miming of the national anthem at Obama's inauguration she didn't do a great deal of singing here. The only song she sang right the way through was "Halo". Every other song she either just sang one line of it, or just a verse before tearing into the choreography for each song and growling commands at the crowd into the microphone.

Initially I thought Madgina's Superbowl halftime performance was better, until I watched it again and realized that in fact, Beyoncé's was better because there was a greater energy. And for all of the lights, dancers and fireworks, Beyoncé was never smothered and was continually the main attraction. Where-as Madgina's performance felt like it was all smoke and mirrors, despite being amazing from a technical standpoint. Plus, the lack of "Hung up" from Confession on a dance floor was CRIMINAL.

Bring on the album. Beyoncé needs to give me that wholly consistent, start to finish hotness of an LP that she's yet to deliver me.


  1. I dislike Beyonce's televised performances. Her concert performances are always better.

    Although Beyonce's headlining performance for Glastonbury some years ago was probably the one I loved the most.

  2. UGH... please, this was so boring...

    She and her stans hyped it to the moon and back and it was just more of the same old stuff she does at every performance, weave thrash, pussy pop, kneel at the edge of the stage and sing in someones face and pull dodgy faces.

    Madonna may have had more of a circus around her but considering she had a bad leg at the time I thought she did well and I'd be more entertaining watching her performance than Beyonce's (except when Kelly dragged her).

    1. You forgot about......... THE FAN.

  3. I am still stuck at laughing at the first sentence: "The amazonian android empress from the kingdom of lost wigs."

    You kill me with your commentary! LOL!

  4. who ever writes these blogs is a straight up fuckin hater ugly fat nasty bitch probably stuffin your face with food as you type and cry


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