Music video: Kumi Koda - Pink spider

This video was a complete piece of shit. It was like "D.D.D" and "V.I.P" with a bit of "Kosokoso" only nowhere near as good as any of those videos. What's even more of a travesty is that Kumi got herself a good ass budget for this video too.

I'm sick and tired of Kumi half arsing the skank. If you are going to be a trampy ho, then be a trampy ho. Bring out the Fliday night weave piece, the fishnet tights, the nastiest set of nails you can find at the Family mart convenience counter and have dem legs open and close like suicide doors. She should have been slow grinding on horse back and popping her pussy in a wigwam with that Native American headress. But all she did was take a seat. She may as well stay there. Namie will only make her take one when she drops her video for "Big boys cry" any way.

I miss when Kumi was so desperate for sales and attention that she was willing to make her mother want to disown her over her public image.


  1. Well this is a whatever version, the real deal is the story version which lasts 10 minutes, only for the japanese tho.

    I love the way she looks in that cowgirl outfit, HOT!

  2. I hate that they made a separate video as a music video and a whole story version too.

    That motorcycle scene was GHETTO though. Teach the bitches how to handle a motorcycle and let them loose on a desert terrain À la NEXT LEVEL where Ayu actually DROVE THE GODDAMN CAR. Even a fucking green screen would have been better at this point.

    There should have been dancing and stripper poles everywhere and eventually Kuu should have made a blow job motion somewhere in the video; but none of that happened.

    I was expecting real trashy slut Kuu; the girl we all know and love.

    The song is still amazing though.

  3. The longer version (story) can be found here

    I'm surprised no one decided upload that version yet. Only no one outside of Japan can watch it though. Unless Avex decided to put the full version on her next studio album.

  4. I prefer the Shake Hip! PV to this, and the song as well.

  5. It's because they blew all the budget on Mika Ninagawa who is, frankly, shit.

  6. waahh I love this music video

  7. This song would have been so much better if she wasn't singing so low and they ditched that awful vocal processing :/


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