Music video: M-Flo featuring Miliyah Kato - Lover

M-Flo's 6th studio album Square one was a fucking mess. It genuinely upset the shit out of me because every album of theirs up until that piece of garbage had been good and enjoyable to listen to. But Square one was a train wreck, with only one good song on that whole album.

Despite talk that the M-Flo magic was long gone and that M-Flo were breaking up, they are coming back with a new album Neven due on March 13th and it will be littered generously with guest features. As with Square one the guest artists are not being credited for the sake of maintaining some mystery, but they aren't being kept as much of a secret this time around. The CD single for "Lover" features 2 additional songs; both of which are credited as featuring Miliyah Kato, leaving fans to assume the mystery vocalist on "Lover" at the time was also Miliyah. And the release of this video confirms that the vocalist is indeed that ghastly looking snaggle-toothed hispter.

The song is a nice departure for M-Flo, dating right back to their sound when M-Flo were a trio with Lisa in tow. A sign that perhaps Neven will be back to old school M-Flo again? I sure hope so! I pray to Yevon that Crystal Kay, Namie and BoA get features on this album. It goes without saying that Minami of Cream will be all over this shit. The ho always is. I kinda feel sorry for her that she put her foot so deep in Square one, only for everybody to hate that album and for it to flop. If it's any consolation to her, I loved "All I want is you".

The song and video both remind me of Namie and Verbal's collabo "Lovin ' it". Only, much better; because Miliyah manages to keep all of her notes in key.


  1. I almost fell out of my chair after "ghastly looking snaggle-toothed hispter"! LOL

    I'mma say this, and only this... I like the song (great departure), but it just feels like this album is gonna be either a snoozer or a sad representation of what they used to be and how they can't capture the magic they used to have. I'm actually hoping it's the first one...

  2. It sounds alot like this song was made with Lisa in mind, I can totally imagine her providing the vocals for this.

  3. I don't know what it is about this skeletor looking hoe, but I just don't like the bitch. With that being said, the song is nice, nothing special though.

  4. I have to agree about how Square One was a messy album and not the album I wished to hear after 5 friggin years of waiting but for Neven, esp from this Lover departure song, I feel like seeing hope for getting songs like their old ones with their magic! Tho I'm hoping to hear many "m-flo loves xx" but Miliyah Kato's voice is great so I'll look forward for Neven.


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