Music video: Super Junior KRY - Promise

SM entertainment refuses to let Kyuhyun and Ryeowook live they damn lives. Not only are they having to hustle their Korean careers, but they were made to record an album in Mandarin and now they're having to sing in Japanese too. Lee Soo Man don't care about these n***as. He...does...not...CARE. Even when Kyuhyun was involved in a near fatal car accident, Lee Soo Man was phoning him and making him sing down the phone so that Yoo Young-jin could record that shit, double up the vocal track and put it on a beat.

I was hoping this song would be 3 minutes of Kyuhyun giving me R&B runs and Yesung screaming. But it was all rather tame. I feel this was a conscious decision to not make Ryeowook seem out of his depth. He can hold a tune, but he ain't on Kyuhyun and Yesung's level.

It makes me die how SM keep taking the only 3 members of groups who can sing out of their groups for sub units - just to punk us with material which could have been released from the main group anyway. This song should have been on Sexy, free & single in the same way tracks from Twinkle could have been slung onto I got a boy. It's extortion and it's a complete rip off. Everybody knows half the members in these excessively numbered groups don't contribute vocals to the songs anyway.


  1. This shit did well in Japan.

    I wonder if they all get paid the same since only like four members actually do anything or if shindong gets paid in Chipotle gift cards.


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