Namie Amuro makes "Big boys cry". Kumi and Ayu also reach for a kleenex.

What is going on!? A digital single a mere 4 months after Uncontrolled and now 2 months on we get a news of a new double A-side dropping in March!? I thought Vision factory had Namie's release schedule pace on lock. But clearly Avex is throwing money at n***a's there, because this quick succession of releases is unheard of for Namie. I will curb my shade at the quickness of the release, because:
  1. A snippet of one of the songs has dropped and it sounds hot
  2. Namie WILL be giving us Engrish on these tracks and I live for that shit
  3. Namie gives better results with no fucks than Kumi and Ayu do giving plenty. And we know Kumi gives PLENTY
  4. ♪ Hot gulls make li worl' go wound ♪
  5. Everybody gon' love these singles when they drop
"Big boys cry" / "Beautiful" will release on March 23. And as if the news alone wasn't enough, a short clip of "Big boys cry" can be heard in Namie's latest commercial for Esprique - in which she looks amazing, on point and certified wig snatch worthy.

This commercial was shot in Namie's office at Avex. Those papers she threw up into the air = Ayu's contract.

After catching a bullet train out of the Urban sector for Uncontrolled, she's JR lined her way back into it like it's 2007. This shit sounds like it was recorded circa her Play era. I grew to like Uncontrolled and had no problem with her going pop and electro. I rather liked that Namie came full circle with the genre of music that made her in the first place. But I know a lot of fans were wanting her to throw her shit back to urban crub bangers and she's done that now for at least one song. So ya'll can shut up.

I'm just glad that this single features at least 13 seconds of decency after the mess that was "Damage". I have zero love for that song. I give Avex my full blessing to omit it from any album of hers which comes next.

I hope Namie has her dancing shoes on and that Vision factory is putting up dolla, because I need to see a 60s 70s 80s budget for this video and for the choreography to be on that "Yeah oh!" and "Naked" tip.

Namie is like that spiky blue shell from Mario Kart which just fucks up your whole game from the back of the pack. Kumi and Ayu thought they stood a chance and that Namie wouldn't release anything for a good while...and then this all happened.

♪ I do what I want. I do what I like. You say it loud and telly big boys cly!! ♪


  1. There's no CD+DVD, girl. So It looks like we may not get PVs D:

  2. "This commercial was shot in Namie's office at Avex. Those papers she threw up into the air = Ayu's contract" DEAD! It sounds like Avex is trying to pimp Namie a little bit more than usual with all of these recent flops from Kumi and Ayu. Namie probably recorded this shit months ago, and agreed to drop it only because the lyrics are actually subtle shade being thrown at Ayu and Kumi. I'm sure the only promo they could get out of her was looking dead for esprique. They got a pv for damage out of her, and I'm sure they had to hold her son at gun point to even get that.

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  4. Namie's hips were TWERKIN' when she tossed them trees!

    I haven't seen her move like that for some time.

    Song preview may be giving me nothing at all, but that body was provin' it!

    Yes. Ma'am.

  5. damn that woman is just GAWJUS!!!

  6. dis bitch look the same if not better after 10 fucking years

    1. It's a make up commercial........

      Do you know what make up does? Do you know what good lighting and angles do?

      She looks good, BUT I can tell it has been 10, 11 however many years.

    2. Ain't no makeup that can hide age, ask Madonna.

      Photoshop sure as hell can, but judging from her live performances with outofthisworldHD camera's, bitch ain't got a flaw or wrinkle on her face.

  7. Not been feeling Namie's music lately tbh, "Past < Future" slayed but since then it's been mainly zzzzzzzzzz for me with a few exceptions so I hope her new stuff makes me like it again.

    She does look amazing in this add and yes she's werkin that sexcritary look lol

  8. IDK what's the big deal, this bitch has done the same since style... Released STYLE, 4 singles in the next 12 months PLUS a new album. Releases Queen Of Hip Pop, then a live tour, tours again plus 2 new singles, starts 2007 with 2 more singles and releases PLAY, then she tours and drops another live dvd. Releases ANOTHER single, and then a BEST album. Releases BEST FICTION, tours for a whole year and releases ANOTHER live dvd. Stops a bit, and releases a new single and NEW album. Releases Past<Future and then tours/drops the live tour. 1 month later she releases OTHER single and a COMPILATION album, releases Checkmate! plus one more single and live dvd. 2 more singles and Uncontrolled, re-releases Uncontrolled and tours AGAIN.

    This hoe releases something new every 2 months too, she just has space between STUDIO ALBUMS, but when she drops it, she's already released 4 singles, a best album and 2 lives dvd PLUS tv cm's, magazine covers etc.

    No big deal. Starting the year with a new single.

    1. it was really unexpected since we all know that namie is not releasing materials frequently, yeah we all know that she gonna release a single/album, but we don't know when will it happen, a lot of people were shocked with PAST<FUTURE, because there is only one single in it, unusual for an ordinary album which have 3-4 singles in it.

  9. It kind of sounds like Pink Key right?


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