Pamyu Pamyu wants a "Ninjari bang bang"

After snatching Crayon Shin-chan's money with "Kimi ni 100 percent" she's now snatching mobile phone carrier au's money with "Ninjari bang bang".

Pussy Pamyu performed the song for the first time live at an event sponsored by au on January 29 and now the song features in a commercial featuring scenes from said performance. As you can imagine before you even press play and watch this shit; the commercial is amazingly colourful, fun and features pop crack courtesy of Capsule's Yasutaka Nakata. Business as usual. I think I'm falling in love with these wig obsessed trick.

One of those Perfume girls needs to put the pussy on Nakata, because he is giving the hotness away to Pamyu consecutively. "Ninjari bang bang" is giving me everything Perfume's "Mirai no museum" could and / or will never. The song is like Shinobi meets Kung fu on the NES and I need it in my life. I'mma need a full length Pussy Pamyu album by the end of this year.


  1. I didn't really care for her or get her fashion schtick, but I liked Furisodation and have had the lower-than-decent quality live recording of one on repeat for a bit.

  2. HUUUUGE "Laser Beam" vibe from this.

    And I'm liking it. Will be the first time I look into and pay attention to this girl.

  3. I love both Perfume so much! But I must admit this jam is much better than that museum single of theirs :/ how irritating. I'm use to their music equalling sharing my praise. Also, I think your auto correct changed pamyu into "pussy" a few times (lmao!!)

    1. "Also, I think your auto correct changed pamyu into "pussy" a few times (lmao!!)"



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