SHINee to release a new Japanese single in March. Might be a banger.

SHINee to release a new Japanese single in March. Might be a banger |

SHINee will be releasing a Japanese single on March 13. I normally wouldn't give 2 shits about these boys releasing anything. But hearing that J-production team BACHLOGIC are involved with this new single of theirs has peaked my interest; in lieu of them delivering a hat trick of hotness for Crystal Kay in the form of "Superman", "Delicious na kinyoubi" and "Fly high" for her critically acclaimed flop Vivid.

In all fairness, SHINee's music isn't that bad. They get given some quite cool songs that I often end up liking as guilty pleasures and their group vocals always sound tight on songs. Although I'm skeptical that it's the group providing the backing vocals as they often sound overly manly. And the only singing member of the group with a manly voice is Jong Hyun. Key don't sing. Minho don't sing. Onew ain't got it like Jong Hyun and Taemin sounds like Jessica from Girls' generation. Perhaps they just throw Jong Hyun in the booth by himself and make him do all da damn vocals. Wouldn't surprise me. You know he ain't getting paid extra for that shit though.

If "Fire" is on a level "Delicious na kinyoubi" and "Fly high" I will fly to South Korea and snatch Taemin's weave piece.


  1. yes, Jong Hyun is my favourite vocalist in this K-boy band era, I like his deep vocal and whenever he hit those high notes, it's much better then the screaming Changmin and the weak and thin (but melodic) of Jaejoong, none of SuJu members near their level,

  2. what you mean Onew ain't got it like Jonghyun?...he fye!

    1. Vocally I think Jonghyun is the most dominant.

    2. jonghyun is an incredible vocalist. i'd even go so far as best in the game. onew just cute.


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