Pharrell 'performs' Daft Punk's "Get lucky" for the first time

Pharrell 'performs' Daft Punk's "Get lucky" for the first time |

Daft Punk have gone straight in at number 1 on the singles chart in 12 countries with their disco funk perfection that is "Get lucky" despite having no full length music video or so much as performing it live. But Pharrell did the honours at a HTC launch event. If I were Daft Punk I wouldn't know whether to be flattered or pissed off, because this performance was...well...see it for yourself.

Pharrell. You my n***a dawg and I love you. But what the fuck was this!? You weren't even singing to a backing track. You straight up had your homie play the radio edit of the song off of iTunes. And where was Daft Punk!? I am disappoint Pharrell. DISAPPOINT N***A!

On a slightly unrelated note, does this Pharrell even age!?


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