Beyoncé ain't pregnant. Wears cheap crop top to prove it.

Beyoncé ain't pregnant. Wears cheap crop top to prove it | Random J pop

Beyoncé stepped out and made an appearance to show up to her friend Kanye's birthday party wearing Topshop. Which means her outfit can't have cost no more than £50, yet she still looked more money than Kim. Ever since that heffa began carrying Yeezus Christ, she's been looking like Snorlax with a discount code for ASOS.

Beyoncé baring the midriff in this tight fitting crop top is also two fingers and a weave thrash to those pregnancy rumours. Although Beyoncé is more than the Empress of the Amazonian kingdom of lost wigs, she is the queen of hiding pregnancies. Remember that this was the woman who was thrashing her weave on top of a piano to "1 + 1", popping her pussy to "Bootylicious" and African 2 stepping in heels to "End of time" at Glastonbury when she was a couple of months gone. And had Beyoncé not popped open her jacket at the MTV awards and stayed breathing all the way out at the end of her performance of "Love on top", nobody would have known the woman was with child. The Knowles' know how to keep dem secrets and stay lying. Beyoncé ain't slippin' for nobody.

In other Pepsiyoncé news, there's still no word on whether she will bother to release a single or an album this year.


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