Beyoncé performs "Standing on the sun" in Belgium. H&M pops dem bottles.

Beyoncé performs "Standing on the sun" in Belgium. H&M pops dem bottles |

Beyoncé apparently has a new album coming out this year. But you would never know it given that this woman still has no new single out despite being a month and a half into a world tour and that she's only performed one new song on her Mrs. Pepsi show world tour.

Well, it seems Beyoncé had a realization as she was clapping her Amazonian thighs to the string of hits from 4 that she has new material playing on terrestrial TV around Europe and in every H&M store up and down the continent, and that she should probably start performing it. So in Antwerp, she did just that. She performed "Baby boy 2013" aka "Standing on the sun".

When I heard this in the commercial, I loved it. I now hear the song in full hear and I like it less. Something about the arrangement just feels off and incomplete. Reggaeyoncé's flow switching up on the second verse was a nice surprise. Couldn't make out a fucking thing she said though.
We won't hear the radio edit or album version of the song until Kelly Rowland's album leaks online. Hennes & Mauritzyoncé will almost certainly have Blue Ivy upload "Standing on the sun" to mediafire to try and snatch shine from Kelly's album.


  1. Pffft they should have given this whole bikini promo thing to Rihanna, she fits the theme more.. Shes from the Caribbean and she looks great in a bikini

  2. Beyoncé was working bikini's on beaches for the world to see before anybody knew who Rihanna was.

    As big as Rihanna is, in terms of global star power, you can't get bigger than Beyoncé. This was probably planned ages ago so that all of H&M's marketing activity with Beyoncé coincided with the European leg of her world tour and it's working.

    Not to mention that Rihanna was / is working on her flop collection for River Island. A collection which was void of a shoot featuring Rihanna herself. I don't know whose smart idea that was.

  3. I am LIVING for the second verse (though I couldn't understand anything either) and who was the feature when she broke it down with the awkward choreo? the chorus repeat choreo was straight fire though. Bey was giving me legendary pokemon Moltres teas at the very end when she turned around and walked into the sunset...


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