Music video: BoA - Tail of hope

BoA's 34th Japanese single is an anthem for chasing dreams (♪ Catch di tail of hope ♪) or giving head (♪ Kiss di tail of hope ♪) depending on your preference.

"Tail of hope" is a nice song, but the childishly protective Crystal Kay lover in me couldn't help but roll its eyes and mutter 'Bitch copied Crystal Kay's Vivid swag'. Then my mind was consumed with thoughts of 'Crystal would have made me like this song', which is what I've begun to tell myself every time I hear a song from J-Pop / J-R&B chicks who sing badly over good beats. And now I'm mad that Universal didn't throw some dollar at Crystal to shoot a video for "My heart beat".

*sits in a moment of silence*

This video is your obligatory Summer J-Pop video; all of which seem to be shot with the same filters, alongside the same beach, with a drive along the same roads and a walk through the same parks. We've reached a point where we could play location SNAP! with these J-Pop videos. I think every location in Japan has been shot at some point, which is probably why hoes are flying out to Amelica to shoot videos now.

BoA's different approach to her singles in both Korea and Japan lately is refreshing to hear, even if I'm not in love with the songs. I will never put "Tail of hope" on my iPod or crank it up loud, because I value my ears and there's only so much of her paper shredding sounding ass vocals I can take. But I like that BoA seems to have found a sound and sweet spot for herself on her own terms since Identity. She's finally taking the reigns of her own career, which is what fans had been wanting her to do for years.

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  1. Same. I haven't hated a track of her's that she's written or produced. She should have demanded control of her identity from SM a long time ago XD

  2. I honestly love BoA's voice. Yes, it's really nasal and is a bit of an acquired taste, but I prefer her voice to Ayumi H's. Can't stand Ayu-chan's voice >_> Makes me wonder if there's something wrong with my ears XD

  3. No, because both of yours are still functioning.

  4. Richard Brandon Hernandez29 June 2013 at 02:02

    This song is cute for a cf not a single

  5. Every now and then Ayu will make up for her miserable existence by dropping hot track, Parlee queen features none of them. Some of my fav songs by Ayu( coming from someone who can't stand her ball shriveling vocals) are: Real Me, Why, Wake Me Up, Ballad, Forgiveness, Sending Mail, Last Links, and Sweet Scar.

  6. starlightshimmers1 July 2013 at 17:27

    The song that best describes Ayumi Hamasaki as an artist is fairyland. A lot of her mid-tempo and ballads talk about her childhood growing up with a single mom, wondering why her father left her and trying to find happiness in life. Fairyland is about remembering the paradise, the happiness, that you once had that was taken away, symbolized by the tropical island paradise in the video which later is burned into ashes. Its Ayumi Hamasaki's true story in music and video, plus one of her best selling singles.

    Full video of fairyland.

  7. starlightshimmers1 July 2013 at 17:34

    fairyland is one of her best IMO.


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