Music video: CL - The baddest female

When news broke that CL was planning to drop the inevitable solo album, I for one was hardly excited. We all knew what CL's album was going to sound like before she did; which is essentially a bunch of 2NE1 songs without Bom trying to sell her 2 lines worth of vocals, Dara delivering a verse that nobody cares about and CL filling in the swag crater left by Minzy.

"The baddest female" is exactly what we all expected from CL. This isn't what is disappointing about the song. What's disappointing about the song is that it's utter shit. The only thing which saves this whole mess is CL's swag in the music video, which is just plain stupid now. The girl sells every single ridiculous look in this video and makes each of them work in a way few bitches could and your fave wishes. 

O hai Mademoiselle Yulia! It was nice of you to make a cameo in this music video, even though hardly anybody will know who the hell you is. Now, if you could high-tail your green and black dip dyed wig into the studio and give me another album, that'd be super! My body is ready for a follow up to Mademoworld.


  1. I sincerely hope this is not what I'll be looking forward to in the entire mini-album. (Or is it a "full-length"?) Seriously she has no depth when it comes to her raps, but she shines in the group. She's like G-Dragon (only less swag and less probability to be copied)...

  2. I don't like the song, but she looks so good in the video! I guess was expecting something like "I Am the Best", not some Lil' Wayne inspired swag shit.

  3. This song is ratchet as fuck and her weave looks cheap and dirty.
    i was literally dying at that part with her and those korean guys trying to act all hood n shit.
    this bitch knows her ass would not want to get caught in the hood with those fake backdrops.
    the whole mv was a joke.
    and what happened to her abs?

  4. the whole time I watched the video all I could think was "she's the female GD." then there he goes with that red and black wig looking like Cruella de Jean Grey.

  5. He looks like a ridiculous version of Miyavi

  6. starlightshimmers3 June 2013 at 16:22

    K-pop music videos are so damn tacky and cheap looking. About 80% of the time its them on a green screen dancing or in some indoor studio looking ratchet.

  7. This is my first time seeing CL's face this clearly. Never really could tell what she looked like. Kind of life Ke$ha.

    I thought she was ugly but she can be pretty.

    Mad that dude from Big Bang still has them ugly alien braids.

    Some scenes looked straight out of G-Dragon's video too.

  8. I always find it funny how you criticize western artists and crystal kay to no end... But yet you seem so lenient with kpop/jpop artists when it comes to your opinion on them? Biased much?


  10. Richard Brandon Hernandez5 June 2013 at 03:06

    I give him guts for having a track called "the baddest female" cause clearly she is not. Is song I a rejected 2ne1 track. She can't rap nor sing.

  11. rochelle.bernard968 June 2013 at 08:50

    Horrid song. I, unlike you Mr. Blogger, did expect better. I expected awesome.

  12. HOT... MESS... I'm so dissapointed, I hope whatever she drops next is better and FFS can these K-Pop labels let these artists OUT of them tired old sets?!

  13. Maybe it's me, but I keep expecting to see a RBD (random black dude) somewhere. I mean, this track is hood-ish. lol
    It's nice, but...yeah. CL looked awesome!

  14. Richard Brandon Hernandez10 June 2013 at 09:56

    Unlike basic bitch, the real rapper I like is a legend.

  15. What does this have to do with anything I said here.

    Come for me within the context of what I say, not what you feel.

  16. I really didn't want to miss my time with this shit, but i needed a laugh and i knew this would've help me, IT DID!!

    This is POSING at it's best, a basic bitch pretending and acting like if she was from "da hood", nor only this is a stereotype, but it might be offensive for people from the real ghetto.

    Bitch ain't never putting a foot in a real ghetto or she won't make it alive out of there.

    IDK how Koreans can eat this, it's so basic and lifeless. No musical value whatsoever.


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