Music video: Namie Amuro - Heaven

Namie went from the rooftops of L.A to the glitter basement of her home in Tokyo and slapped your fave in the face on the way down.

Namie brought dem boots back, but we knew she would. Namie can't function without those boots. Every other pair of shoes may as well be made from kryptonite and have their inner-soles lined with broken glass.

I wasn't overly keen on "Hepurn" when I first heard it. But it grew on me the more I listened it. Then I saw Namie give me Ga-In eyes and ponytail whipping and now I'm all about it. The version of the song in the video also differs slightly over the one which leaked a couple of weeks ago. The differences aren't enough to make you like the song if you hated it before. But certainly help refine it. Namie's Engrish also seems easier to understand here. Either that or my Namiengrish is getting better.

♪ HEPURN. Iz where we arrrrr! Where we arrrr! With you is never par, never par
HEP-NGGGG! Iz like star! Like star! Sky high but, no too par, not too par ♪

Every video Namie has dropped post Uncontrolled thus far has looked decent. She cannot fall off with "Alive" and "Let me let you go", it would be such a fucking shame if she did.


  1. The song is a prime example of being "basic" but after watching the MV, I've come to like the song. This version does indeed sound different from the radio rip though. I love video. :)

  2. nope namie engrish still sounds the same.

  3. Ba da bop bop baaaa.... I'm lovin it! I think this track is magma on the dance floor. Namie was serving some face throughout this entire video and it was sexy. This is one of my favorite tracks from her since the days of "Play" and a few of her hot tracks on "Uncontrolled". I may be in the minority with this, but I still have a dance party in my car when "Hot Girls" comes on. Now I am finally excited to hear this new album which I suppose, I will have heard 80% within her next couple of singles.


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