Music video (the stupid ass short version): Namie Amuro - Contrail

Not only is Namie the manager of her own record label, but it seems she can get entire section of America shut down JUST so she can walk down the street with a bunch of coloured kids who look like they came straight off of a Sesame street stoop and sing about planes. Check it!

It's easy to forget that Namie can smile and how nice she looks when she does. Although I would sooner have Namie lay me dead on the floor with a fly dance routine and stay miserable for 3 minutes and 37 seconds, than watch her smile whilst some nappy headed child hits a drum behind her for 4 minutes.

Namie is coming for those international wigs on the down low.


  1. for some reason the lure of her being surrounded by non asians appeals to me. maybe it's just my hope that I could be that nappy headed kid

  2. Namie is NOT playing with this album!!! I know you shaded Big Boys Cry to the ends of the earth when she released it, I was in love with it the second I heard it and that album teaser... DAT ALBUM TEASER!!! I GOT GOOSEBUMPS!!!! And then this... I do wish she'd have worked a nice dance routine too. Just seems kind of reductive >_> Like the Spotlight video where she just walked around an empty street and posed on a mirror set. Like wtf dude XD

  3. This is actually the first Namie song I've properly liked in a while, This album will probably be a mess that sells like hot cakes but oh well...

    Yeah Namie looks great and I think this video is totally cute, Please Kumi take note... You don't have to cover yourself in glue and roll around a nursery / Disney shop / Claire's accessories to be cute.

  4. We all wish we could be Namie's nappy headed child.

  5. I will let her off for "Contrail", because of the type of song it is. It's the type of song where, if it has a dance routine, it's cool. But if it doesn't, it's equally cool. It's not a song which necessarily calls for a routine.

    But her not dancing in the "In the spotlight (Tokyo)" video was a mess. The woman is singing about dancing...but not dancing a single step in the video.

    If the music video for "Alive" doesn't have Namie whipping a ponytail and showing me some WORK, then I will be mad.

  6. In the Spotlight (Tokyo) is still one of my fave songs by this girl, but that video made me lawl so hard XD And I'll hand "Contrail" to you; it is one of those feel good songs that you get by with just doing slow motion spinning around and jumping to the beat while smiling. It's a cute song :3 I'll also hand the Alive video to you as well... That shit better have her werquin' and twerkin' her Japanese behind to that beat!!


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