Namie busts out the 'Namiehameha' on the set of her new video

Namie bust out the 'Namiehameha' on the set of her new video | Random J pop

Namie has been showing a whole new side of herself with Feel thus far. She's smiling on one of the album covers (the first of her albums covers she's ever sported a smile on), has been smiling in every music video from this era and has been looking though she's been having fun despite often looking as though her life is all but a black hole of misery. She even took the time in the middle of one of her video shoots to partake in the 'Kamehameha craze' with her dancers.

For those who rejoiced at Namie ditching the over-the-knee boots for her "Hands on me" video may have just died at the sight of Namie's outfit above. She took those fuckers off for a hot minute, but they will be back with a vengeance for one of her next music videos. Give up hoping Namie will lose the boots for good. It's as much of a lost cause as Crystal's shot at going platinum in Japan.

Nobody knows for sure which song the video above is for. But we have videos for "Heaven", "Alive" and "Let me let you go" to look forward to.


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