Brandy speaks on her duet with Jessie J. I am disappoint.

Jessie J has let it slip a little while back that she had recorded a song with Brandy. Brandy was embarking on her Two eleven world tour (aka Taking Sy'Rai to school) at the time and wasn't able to comment on this herself. But with her tour now wrapped up (Sy'Rai be on Summer break) Brandy has since sat down and given her 2 cents on the collaboration. Shedding light on how the unlikely collabo came about and who else was involved.

Brandy went straight from the musical clutches of a woman beater ("Put it down") to a man who uses under-age girls' faces as urinals (R. Kelly). How about she works with a black man who don't be disrespecting women and breaking laws?!

Can't say I'm excited about this. Jessie J has a good voice. You'd be hard pressed to hear it with all the over singing she does. But it is there. Somewhere. I have no interest in hearing anything Jessie J does. I think her music is shit. The only song of hers I liked was "Domino" and that was only because it sounded exactly like Katy Perry's "(Last Friday night (T.G.I.F)" which I was still in love with at the time Jessie released her knock off. I am pissed that Brandy decided to do a song with Jessie J of all artists. I can only deduce that Brandy went along with this because she is desperate to try and show she is of relevance to UK audiences, seeing as the US has stopped caring about her.

Why couldn't Brandy have hooked up that Kelly Rowland collabo she kept hinting at for years!? I'd love to hear these 2 flops on a song, as their vocals would go nicely together. I've been waiting for Brandy and Kelly to work together again ever since Brandy wrote and produced the vocals for "Love/Hate" from Kelly's debut Simply deep 11 years ago.

On a slightly unrelated note, Brandy's short, bobbed, scruffy wig in this video suits her. Her usually Vulcan hairline actually looks natural.

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  1. Dang... Two of my favorite bloggers dissing Jessie J in under a week. You peeps love scalping a hoe bald, don't ya XD

  2. Allen Alexander28 July 2013 at 22:16

    I can't with Jessie J in general. It's not that that one song sounded like Katy Perry, it's that Jessie J's image is like Katy Perry in general; shameless pop creation to the core. The only difference is Katy is fun about it because she KNOWS this while Jessie still seems to take herself a little bit seriously and not be in on the joke. I don't know why these two would get together, though I did love "Do It Like a Dude". Why not work with Emelie Sande?

  3. Who is Jessie J.?

    Would have to be a nobody to get involved with Brandy.

    This will be like Ciara and Nicki.

    And brandy's face looks terrible. The features. The distance. Just no girl. Climb back in, pop out and try again.

  4. The only Jessie J song I like is "Wild" (what is the point of Big Sean though besides letting Dizzee shit on him?) and possibly "Who you are".

  5. Oh and do it like a dude... mandemmandem.


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