Crystal Kay covers Capital cities. Shits on bitches.

Crystal uploaded a new video to her YouTube channel and declared that she'll begin posting covers. Every time this girl uploads a video to YouTube she says she'll be updating her account frequently and then makes everybody wait 6 months for a new video. But if Crystal really wants those YouTube hits and some free promo to help her future albums stay in the ORICON chart for more than a week, then she will need to keep to her word. We all know how covering songs on YouTube is 'a thing now' which can lead to super-stardom and record deals.

Check out the first of Crystal's 'official' YouTube covers by some band you've probably not heard of.

You don't need to be familiar with the source material to know that Crystal SANG this shit. She entered the studio with nothing but her trilby and a Starbucks frap and left with a bunch of new fans and a crate of wigs.

Beni best watch her shit. Her BFF went in for a hug and pulled away with every strand of her hair. Angela may want to check on her Songbook wig whilst she's at it.


  1. You're right, I never heard of "Capital Cities" before until this video. And, I rightfully don't care, because Crystal sang the hell out of a song I've never heard before. I seriously forgot it was a cover and basically just assumed she was ball-faced lying to us and it was actually a new single or something. LOL I'll check out the official song and come back if it was as good or better than Kuri, but seriously, I doubt it... :D

  2. I'd be mad off my fave succumbed to this $h¡t.

  3. While I'm loving how you're snatching errbody's wigs with these covers, I hope you don't put out an album of them. BENI really should be shot for this mess that she started (even though Our Sky is a tragic guilty pleasure of mine >_>).

  4. Homegirl doesn't care about Oricon anymore. (Well... actually is the other way around. Anyway...)
    She's ready to snatch those western overrated wigs and conquer the world!


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