Katy Perry copies Beyoncé. The Beyhive hit DEFCON 1.

Katy Perry will be releasing a new perfume, because her belief that women should aspire to smell like her armpit infused with a hint of bergamot and Russell Brand's dick cheese is so paramount. Peep her commercial teaser for her new brand of air freshener and let me know what you think. Don't bother, I'll tell you what you think for you. BEYONCÉ.

Oh, Kitty Katy. Your pussy done put its paws in the wrong honey jar. Because the Bey hive will come for a bitch how dem bees came for Macaulay Culkin at the end of My girl. She really did mess with the wrong one.

Here's o2yoncé's commercial working the same theme. Just in case you forgot, or are wondering what the fuck Katy is being accused of copying. For the record, Elizabeyoncé's commercial looks like it had a professional ass budget. Katy looks like she was working with high school props.

Whilst Pepsiyoncé did not invent the Elizabethan era as her fans would like to believe, the concept coming so close to Beyoncé's has irked the Bey hive to no end, prompting them to drag Katy across hot coals and a staircase lined with broken jewel cases of Teenage dream and those thousands of copies of 4 which went unsold.

In other news, Katy Perry is gearing up for the release of her follow up to Teenage dream, with her new single "Roar" set to premiere real soon. We know what to expect from this damn album. There will be Dr. Luke. There will be Max Martin. Every single she releases off of the album will be a fucking smash. And no matter how hard you try to resist the allure, you will grow to love at least 3 of the 8 singles this woman will release from this album. Meanwhile Beyoncé's album is so far in Limbo that the only person who has heard anything from it is Farrah Franklin.


  1. Much to do about nothing.

    Let beYAWNce raise her son.

  2. Why should they care? It's for a perfume. Her's was for a damn tour. Seriously, the Beyhive needs to calm the fuck down and go back to glueing their eyes to the computer screen frantically searching for Beyoncé's nonexistent next single.

  3. "the last time I remember katy killed something is her live vocals"

    Oh that hive shade.

  4. Katy Perry's wig getting snatched at 0:26!!!

  5. This isn't Elizabethan... It looks Georgian, Around the time of the French Revolution... Marie Antoinette?

    Besides that yeah this advert is budget as Katy's or Beyonce's perfumes... I am ready for a Katy comeback though (can't believe I said that) and I will lol when she wipes the floor with FARTflop and whatever album FLOPyonce drops (if it's within the next 3 years Katy drags this era out for).

  6. The last time I remember Beyonce killed something was her career when she fired her Daddy... Not a Bey stan I just had to say lmfao

  7. This is their chance to be all "LOOK BEYONCE ISN'T THE ONLY ONE WHO COPIES!!!" lmao... One advert doesn't make everyone forget Beyonce's career in fraud. lol

  8. Yeah her career so dead she got an unprecedented $50 million dollar endorsement deal. So dead her tour with no new music brings in THREE times the revenue of Katy's. Now let me laugh once again at ole girl up there looking like Martha Washington selling perfume.

  9. That cropped ass pic will nawt disguise your hefty ass emotions. Lol fat bitches irk meh.

  10. Actually we're glued to her on stage on that sold out world tour you keep hearing about :D

  11. Gotta agree with BionicBey, bitch is doing as well as ever. Minus the fact she refuses to put out an album.

  12. Beyonce's current state: Tired. Unoriginal. Crusty. In desperate need of a change, and I ain't even talking about her music (although the same words do apply): Dat wig. I swear it must be fused to her scalp at a cellular level.

  13. Álvaro Moreira2 August 2013 at 20:33

    You just know people are going to google Farrah Franklin

  14. Lawd. BlueIvy don' found his way.

    Them Jay-z genes strong though ain't they? Lookin' like a grown man.

    Nostrils flared wide open like beYAWNce's thighs were preventing you from that oxygen in the womb you so rightly deserved. You adapted though.

    Get BlueIvy and Jay-z in a room together and ain't NOBODY breathing.

    Now let's see what that hair gon' do.


  15. Ok if you want to get technical, her RECORDING career... When was her last smash hit? When was her last big album? When was her last No1???

    Anybody can coast along selling out tours if they have been at a huge level at some point and same for endorsements, Look at JLO...

  16. Sorry Luke, but BionicBey is not wrong.

    Beyoncé is not merely coasting along. Bitches who coast along do not get asked to perform at the Super bowl half time or manage to sell out a world tour in a matter of minutes in lieu of her last album having had no hits to speak of.

    Beyoncé's career is as strong as it's every been, if not stronger. The fact she's been able to maintain this momentum without a single or an album and keep it going for this long is pretty remarkable.

  17. starlightshimmers4 August 2013 at 06:40

    Gwen Stefani is the only pop artist for me that actually did a legit nice job with her perfume commercial. And the perfume itself is amazing (worth it).


  18. There are many other queen settings. Like Queen Mary; she is a killer queen, literally.:/
    But it does look like a copy.


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