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Beyoncé - Grown woman (Monsieur Adi remix) | Random J Pop

Beyoncé is yet to release a single. But the song which we all thought was going to be a single (and really shoulda been) has already seen itself get an official remix. French remixer Monsieur Adi takes the African percussive female anthem and transforms it into a funked up electro disco banger of epic proportions, which sounds like something from Daft Punk, circa 2004. Something's in the water in France. I'm convinced now more than ever.

I always love when a remix takes the original song and turns it on it's head. It's how a remix should be done. I love this. It'd be great if Beyoncé switched things up on her tour and began perform this version at select shows. Although she'd have to re-work the entire set, as the African theme of the original setup would lose all context seeing as Adi wiped all trace of that away with his remix.

And just like that, fans have another slice of Beyoncé material to tide them over until the phantom album materializes into something real and Columbia bother to make this woman release a single.


  1. Jesus lord thank you.

    THIS is what a remix is. When a song is built into a whole 'nother song like they did with Hikki's 'Simple and Clean' to make it more fast paced for KH.

    Not fucking Gotye saying 'Somebody, somebody, somebody that I used to, used to, used to knowwwww." over and over to a dubstep backdrop.

    I like it better than the original Nigerian child soldier banger.


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