Music video: Bonnie McKee - American girl

This song is absolute rubbish. There are 2 things I find tragic about this song:

  1. It could very likely end up being a massive hit complete being a piece of shit.
  2. Bonnie McKee will get called out for sounding like a Ke$ha and Katy Perry clone, when the irony is that she wrote each of those talentless tricks their biggest hits and helped cultivate their sound alongside Dr. Luke and Max Martin.

"American girl" represents everything I have hated about Dr. Luke's production for years, which is that it is completely vapid, disposable tripe with no substance to it at all. And the biggest peeve of all? ALL OF HIS SHIT SOUNDS THE FUCKING SAME. It doesn't matter who Dr. Luke works with or how different artist a's vocals are from artist b's, he will make them sound the same and smother a bitch in the same tired song structures, chord progressions and slap auto-tune on that shit.

Then there's Bonnie's image, which does nothing to separate her from all of the other dip-dyed, talentless broads showing their arses and pushing their titties together in music videos shot at the local 7-eleven and some local house party. More-over, Ke$ha, Katy Perry and Britney have ALL done this video too, which does Bonnie no favours. It's making her look like a clone as well as sound like one. A shame, because Bonnie has a better voice than Ke$ha, Katy and Britney and comes across much more vibrant and likeable on celluloid.

McKee is a talented songwriter. I get why she wants to come to the forefront of her music. It's only natural given the hits she's been responsible for and the artists she's worked with, that she'd finally want her turn in the spotlight. But this is not the look.

Bonnie McKee is also responsible for pretty much every hit Britney has had post Blackout and also co-wrote Namie Amuro's "Make it happen". So, Bonnie be getting PAID either way - whether her solo career takes off or not.


  1. I honestly feel bad for this chick; her image and sound in this video is a total clone of every chick who has ever worked with Dr. Luke before. It's a shame too, because I like her voice more than I like Katy Perry's or Ke$ha's (who are Dr. Luke's it girls, for those who don't know :3).

  2. I don't feel an ounce of sympathy for her; she works in the god damned industry, she knows that she's being a clone stamp of MUCH bigger bitches like Katy Perry, even if she wrote basically all her songs. People are clearly seeing it and I can't see her getting really big, because we already have a Katy and a Ke$ha and we don't need another until they're gone. She should know this after her like fucking decade in the industry.


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