Music video: Fantasia featuring Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott - Without me

Don't nobody wanna see Fantasia cocking her legs open in an alleyway wearing Britney's entire get up from the "Scream and shout" remix video. But we shall stay for Kelly Rowland looking on point in that body suit and thuggin' it out in the combats and the beanie. Kelly has been shitting all over Beyoncé's sexy like a 3 month old Blue Ivy with an upset stomach. That long wig with the bangs is doing it for me. And it's nice to hear Kelly sing about something more substantial than her pussy, but less heavy than a tale about domestic violence and being jelly of the 'Amazon empress from the kingdom of lost wigs' better known to us as Beyoncé.

It's nice to hear a straight R&B collabo with 3 females. This shit makes me feel like I'm in the late 90's when black women were able to get paid on R&B. Not like now.

Missy must feel like absolute shit. A dyslexic woman who can't tell the difference between a real Louboutin and a thrift store knock-off and Beyoncé's ex back-up singer have both managed to release 2 albums in the 8 year gap in which Missy was supposed to drop hers.


  1. James Smith III14 July 2013 at 22:04

    this song is soooo hawt!!


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