Music video: J-Pop's latest girl group FAKY debut with "Better without you"

With Namie officially now sat on her own Avex sub label Dimension point, Ayu flopping like fuck and nobody at Rhythm zone caring enough about Kumi's music to stop it from leaking a month before its release - Avex have decided to crack a whip on some young impressionable bitches who will be begging for their life back if Avex work them how they used to work their roster circa 2001. You'd be hard pressed to tell this song is J-Pop though. Given that it sounds like K-Pop and looks a heck of a lot like it too.

"Better without you" is a crime against a really good chorus. Ruined by verses which sound like your atypical K-Pop mess. No melody, no rhythmic pattern. Just warbles and stuttering vocals over a musical backdrop which sounds like an electric toothbrush with a dying battery and a paper shredder trying to chew a credit card.

I'm beginning to wonder why Avex even bothered to have the girls shoot a music video. They may as well have saved themselves the clothing budget and pay out for the extra's in the club scenes and just had FAKY flash on the screen in every hexadecimal colour for 4 minutes and 49 seconds. And yet again we get girls styled from the Jeremy Scott school of hard cocks. Sports jackets, baseball caps, hi-top trainers, bold printed leggings - all of which we have witnessed South Korea run so far into the grave that Korean entertainment firms could qualify for archaeology. For Avex to have felt that this was the way to go for their new group is sad. Japan has enough K-Pop exports. The last thing it needs is a home grown group performing K-Pop knock offs, regardless of how much better FAKY can sing than Girl's generation.

I will be keeping my eye on these girls in the vein hope that this was just Avex punk'ing everybody for some attention and that FAKY's follow up singles will be a bit less reductive and bastardized. Then again, this is Avex. So that probably won't be the case.

Ayu may want to get on those knees. FAKY on the payroll now means less budget for her.


  1. Lmao I've been waiting to post this for a few days but haven't had time. Cracks me up how it's a J-pop group that looks like a K-pop group that sounds like a Europop group.

  2. When I saw the teasers, all I could think was K-Pop. Like seriously, is Avex's answer to Japan's music market becoming over saturated with K-Pop is to make *more* K-Pop?

  3. The verses sound like Kumi's Whatchu Waiting On, but not as catchy. I can excuse this single for being horribly generic (I mean, so generic that even *I* can't like it) because they're trying to hit up the international market, but honestly, this is going to be an up hill battle for these girls.

  4. I actually thought "Better Without You" was just an uninteresting version of what we've seen in American pop rather than being a K-Pop song.

  5. Is this shit? This is shit.

  6. I also think this sounds American-influenced (but I don't listen to a lot of K-Pop, despite my username for every online platform), but I'm sure K-pop has a lot of that euro sound that's popular worldwide now. I blame "Jersey Shore." (Or thank them for saving Ursher's career? Did you hear the Ciara tracks on her new album--there are three tracks that sound like she's heading the more lucrative Ursher route! All she needs is a Selener Gomez to take under her wing and make bank off of.)

    But yeah I cannot believe this track is 4:49 long! And Hashtag Beautiful was only like 2:30 short! All this robbery (all two) is making my head spin!

  7. I like them.

    I'm lying.

    No melody anywhere in that song. Just like Christina Aguilera's career.

  8. "I've had enought, a freaking joke. Now its too late to stop me, people call us FAKY, we're gonna rock the dancefloor, check it out"

    LMAAAAOOO worst intro evaaah! Is it me or these bitches are fake as hell?

    The style, the banshee shouting, the non-existent chemisty between them, the awful lipsynch. But FAKY's there name, so... its no supplies.

  9. I like the song. I just know 4minute would have treated it better.


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