Music video: Tommy february6 - Runaway

Tommy february6 s the only woman in J-Pop whose bitch face could do battle with Namiserable Amuro's. She would of course lose. But those dead eyes would make Namie ask herself 'Who dis bitch think she is!?' and take her seriously for a hot minute.

"Runaway" looks like your regular Tommy february6 fare, but sounds completely different from anything she's done before. The song is sung entirely in Engrish for a start, and second of all this shit sounds contemporary. I didn't think Tomoko acknowledged any type of music which was released outside of the 80's.

I'm not entirely loving Japan's current craze with these Dr. Luke sounding songs. We've got Kumi on it for "Is this trap" from her EP Summer trip and Namie dead surfing the shit with "Rainbow" from her 11th studio album Feel. But I do like this song. I'm all about those burping noises on the verses and Tomoko playing those white men like her hoes.


  1. YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! TOMOKO KAWASE IS MAH KWEEN!!! NAMIE WHO!!! (I jest, but this chick is #1 in my heart :P)

    I was actually waiting for a review of her latest album, Tommy Candy Shop Sugar Me, because after neglecting modern dance-pop/EDM for years, she's finally thrown down the gauntlet. And despite how bad that sounds, she pulls it off well. She even pulls off an urban crub bang (kind of XD) in Pink Army. It's my favorite Tommy February6 album yet :3 And no, that's not my bias towards Heavenly6 showing. Nope, not at all >_>

  2. James Smith III7 July 2013 at 22:33

    Just found out that this lady is 38!!!!! Shizzz i need to move to japan and drink from the same fountain of youth that Queen Amuro and Ms Kawase drink out of

  3. Don't worry homie. That review is coming.


  5. I totally forgot about this hoe, gave up on her after "Halloween Party" or some shit like that. I thought she didn't have anything else under her sleeve and those AMOFLOP bitches were becoming her main priority, but im shocked, this shit sounds GOOD. Is this a single? Cause if it is i'll buy it!!

    And btw, i never noticed how dead her eyes are... Always thought she had passion for her job, she's a producer and shit, but yup, she has dem dead eyes, love them.


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