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MiChi - Eyes wide open | Random J Pop

MiChi will be releasing her 3rd studio album Eyes wide open on October 2nd - the same day Perfume are releasing their long awaited and hyped to hell 4th studio album Level 3. MiChi may as well just Fed-ex her wig to A-chan's home address.

This album album will flop no matter when it releases, so this doesn't make much of a difference in actuality. MiChi could in fact work releasing her album on the same day as Perfume's to her advantage, by making sure there's a table of her CD's on the pathway to the Level 3 shrine on the 3rd floor of Tower records. Failing this, home girl needs to buy some roller skates from Tokyu hands and haul her ass around Shibuya throwing out her shit out like Paperboy, because I know damn well there's no budget for her to hire out a truck to drive around the area blaring out tracks from her album.

  1. MadNesS vol.4
  2. Staring over (Album mix)
  3. Saturday night
  4. Lighten the fxxk up
  5. Nearly maybe...
  6. INdependeNt GiRL?
  7. Just because
  8. Heartbeat (Album mix)
  9. Still missing you
  10. Hello
  11. Journey featuring Jake Shimabukuro
  12. Your life

I love MiChi. I have been trying to put people on this girl forever. But I've not loved anything she's done this era and find it hard to advocate her new material, when it pales so significantly in comparison to what she'd done before. "Saturday night" does nothing for me any more and "Independent girl" is dead to me.

I really do hope this album surprises me, but 3 singles I've not been in love with is leaving me concerned. I hope I'm worrying over nothing and that come October I'm not rage tweeting how bad this album is.

We all need to pray. Not just that this album is good, but that it sells more than 17 copies. The rent arrears on MiChi's apartment depends on it.

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  1. It's funny cause the second i heard it i expected you to be all over it, sounds like something you'd eat up lol. I love it tbh, the beat is so infectious and she sounds confident again for the first time since Blackout,

    However if she doesn't bring it with the live performances then the song is pointless and embarrassing, hopefully she proves us work.

  2. If she isn't crawling on the ground popping what god didn't give her and whipping her $2.67 weave during live performances this will be a complete mess. Can you imagine brit brit just standing there talking into a microphone to this... jesus help us all.

  3. I couldn't agree more.

    I can't even call it a song. Where's the melody? It's just beats and a girl talking in an absurd accent over it. It was funny (but still shitty) once in a collab single, but now it's not.

    Seriously, WTF is happening to western pop these days?

    Thank God J-Pop (or Asian Pop) still manages to be good (sometimes very, very good) every now and then.

  4. I feel so bad for her sometimes. I mean, at least CK was successful once and knows what is like to go platinum.
    It's a shame that Japanese are not here for this kind of J-Pop.

    Speaking of the album. The singles released so far are far from great, but at least the quality is increasing with each release. Saturday Night is my fave so far.

  5. Have you seen Britney's tour performances? She doesn't dance, she just prances around on stage, lip syncing...

    The chacnes of actual decent dancing is 1 in a trillion.

  6. Obviously i have, and yes they suck ass (Save for a decent performance or two during the Circus era). That's why i'm hoping she can prove us wrong, her label is hyping everything and apparently she's going to dance like she did during In The Zone. Mmm, as if LOL. But if she actually manages to pull out something decent then i'll be happy. I stopped caring for her performances a long time ago and now i'm only here for the music, which thankfully is amazing still.

  7. i only really ever cared for heartbeat. and now it has a remix?? lord help me. I better like the remix and at least one other new song on their other wise i'll be forced to trash it. don't make me do that michi. I love you too much!!! p.s. love the cover.

  8. Brintey stans have secured their place at most deluded fandom. I'm getting dragged to hell and back on blogs right now for not liking this song.

  9. I would say just hit play, but I wouldn't want you to waste your time. The only benefit in listening to it is using it as a basis to drag her stans for being so deluded.

  10. I like the song. I could have been arranged better. Britney looked great in that people high split dress. The video was... eh... It reminds me of how SM recycle their studio sets. It looks the same.


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