Britney Spears Insta's a shot of herself on the set of her new music video. #demdancingdaysareover

Deadney is prepping her comeback after the lacklustre Femme fatale, her stint as America's driest judge on The X-factor and invading our lives with that off key mess "Scream and shout". Lifelessney has begun counting down to what is more than likely to be a brand new single. She also Insta'd this pic of her shooting a music video with the caption #workbitch. The one thing she hasn't done in 10 years.

The weave looks good and her face looks as though she's actually giving somewhat of a fuck. Kind of.

From the looks of whatever this is, we can deduce there will be some sex being sold and that there will be some dancing. It won't be good dancing. But there will be some dancing.

As well produced as Femme fatale was, that album was vapid and marked one of Britney's most un-memorable and least engaging albums to date. Britney has been tweeting up this new album of hers, claiming it will be her most personal album to date. I don't need personal from Britney. I just need good beats, catchy hooks and for Britney to sing on the songs like she cares. will be executive producing this new album of hers, which could either be a good move or one of the worst. "Big fat bass" was a monotonous mess and "Scream and shout" was about as hot as 4 minutes of TV static. So I for one hope's executive producer duties came from behind an office desk and not a studio mixing board. I also really hope he kicked Dr. Luke to a curb, because I have no more time to give that man and his constant recycling of beats and other peoples songs.


  1. I can't even remember Femme Fatale or what came off of it.

  2. They gave Dr. Luke the "Gorl, bye!" treatment. He's still waiting for that call.


  3. If is serving anything similar to what came off his trashtastic album #willpower, then #GurlBye!! Britney, I love you tons but I *cannot* and *will* not with and his craptastic music as of late. I didn't mind Big Fat Bass (what can I say, the hook was relevant to me as a music student :3), but Scream and Shout should have never happened. Especially that horrid mess of a remix where dragged P.Diddy out of the coffin he's been trapped in for the past five years >_>

  4. And this isn't how a Britney album should roll out. Even if you don't like the chick, you can usually remember which single came from which album.



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