More footage of Perfume's "1mm" music video surfaces. Kashiyuka forehead watch continues.

Kashiyuka forehead watch continues as the countdown to the "1mm" video and the Level 3 album continues. Good news bitches. Kashiyuka's forehead is ALL up in this video and she looks FOINE! I'mma need A-chan and Nocchi's hair game to be switched up immediately, because Kashiyuka just threw down a gauntlet like the snatched wig of a called out chicken head at a ghetto wedding reception.

2 minutes of these girls trapped in glass doing not a damn thing. The Level 3 era has been light on dancing in music videos. In most cases, there's been NO dancing at all. But whenever the girls perform their singles and B-sides live, they always pull it out of the bag with the routine and make the song better. Cases in point: "Spending all my time", "Mirai no museum", "Spring of life" (dat routine to the Capsule breakdown tho') and "Daijobanai" which features the most crunk Perfume routine thus far. And I just know these girls will give me Arabotic robollywood realness with that "Handy man" routine when they hitting up Tokyo dome later this year.

Here's more behind scenes footage of the video, which show more of Yuka's forehead, more dancing and Yuka whipping hair back and fo'th.

Kashiyuka was never a member I paid much attention to. BUT DAT'S CHANGED NOW!!


  1. Damn, can't stop looking at kashiyuka and her forehead now. Almost like there's a new member... it's mesmerising.

  2. Even with the hair change, for some reason my eyes still seem to gravitate towards Nocchi.

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think it might be due to her being the hot one.


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