Music video: Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams - Lose yourself to dance

I didn't think we'd get a full length video to this song, but here it is. Ever since Random Access Memories dropped, I have been on this song like a fly on the stankiest piece of shit in the whole wide world. People hate on Pharrell's vocals, which let's face it: aren't the best. But when Nile 'N***a' Rodgers is giving me Sister Sledge "Thinking of you" realness on the guitar, those drums be cracking and the bass is giving me everything, I can overlook Pharrell's vocals sounding like that gay purple Teletubby got his balls caught in the zipper of his handbag.

The video to this song is nothing special. But watching Guy-Manuel get into that groove with the guitar saves it all. I love that man. I just want to pick him up, put him on my kitchen work-top and make him dance.

I bought Random Access Memories the day it came out and I've still not listened to the whole thing because I keep playing "Lose yourself to dance" over and over and over and over. One of these days I will make it through the album in its entirety and then post my review of it. By which point it will be 2017, Daft Punk will be working on a new album and nobody will give a damn.


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