Music video: Solange - Lovers in the parking lot

Solange had her son Julez film her after hours at the local mall she's been working in since Solo star was keeping flop albums company on the Billboard charts 11 years ago. The video doesn't feature a parking lot (although we catch a glimpse of one at the end of the video), but it does feature Solange 2 stepping in a hallway in trainers with neon flashing laces (which I need IN MY FUCKING LIFE), whipping her weave in the black hair products aisle of a supermarket and popping her chest in front of a Mortal Kombat II arcade machine. The video is random, but it sits alongside "Losing you" nicely and it's very Solange. She's managed to carve out her own sound and visual aesthetic nicely with True and has really come into her own as a result. All without plagiarising like her sister Theftyoncé.

I'd love for Solange to scrape a budget together and shoot a video for "Locked in closets". I'd want to see n***as in short leather jackets dancing it out in an old warehouse and pulling shapes on cardboard boxes. With Solange giving me 80's choreographed realness in print leggings and Reebok pumps.

If you've not yet checked out Solange's True EP, then be sure to give it a listen. It's one of 2013's most unlikeliest of gems.

Meanwhile...still no single from Touryoncé. When Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and Solange are all able to get singles and music videos off the ground before Yodelyoncé when she was supposed to be on the cusp of a musical comeback, you KNOW shit ain't right.

Mini-album review: True

Video premiere: Solange - 'Lovers in the parking lot'... @ Toya's world


  1. It's a damn shame how right you are about eBey and her tragic lack of material right now >_> Eyerolling situations aside, this girl is really doing her best to separate herself from her sister and I'm loving every second of it. Nice to see a Knowles actually riding the Tumblr wave correct XD


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