Mutya Keisha Siobhan's "Flatline" flatlines on the charts

The Sugababes (aka Mutya Keisha Siobhan's) new single "Flatline" is really damn good awesome. But it's flopped like fuck, coming in at number 50 on the UK charts. O, the shame.

As great as the song is, the girls took far too long to release it. Sharing the song on Soundcloud, then dropping the video a month after and THEN releasing the song almost a month after that!? Ain't NOBODY got time for that shit. You need to drop your shit successively whilst people are still interested. By the time the video to "Flatline" came out, everybody had already played the song to death and were ready for something new or to hear a date for the new album. And for the girls to have made fans wait so long for a music video which looked like it was shot on Instagram was about as good a look as Mutya looking like a Turkey wrapped in tin foil in those desert scenes.

This parakeet is one of the few people who bothered to give a fuck about the song, but even he didn't toss a dollar at iTunes to download it.

At one point it was looking as though we were possibly going to get a new album from the original Sugababes' this year. But given that "Flatline" has flatlined on the charts, the album will more than likely be pushed back...yet again.


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