Perfume say 'Hello!'. Leave your fave bald and wishing.

Don't let the cuteness fool you. These girls will snatch your wig whilst smiling in your face and dancing to a radio edit of "Chocolate disco". A-chan and Nocchi's English is so fucking adorable that I don't know whether I'd want to hug them for being so damn kawaii, or just take them to bed. This is the line which Perfume tow on a daily basis and they give no fucks. Literally. Ain't nothing touching those vaginas but bath cloths and sanitary towels.

Watch Kashiyuka's forehead end world hunger: 1mm music video
The album low down: Level 3


  1. Look how quickly they cover up their coochies in unison.

  2. Their mothers are literally the ones who coached them on those things they said on an interview. Good mothers.

  3. How are they so cute? omg D:

    I love your blog btw!


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